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You know just hang out the food truck they're not taking Bama in any way you can take. all the contestants. grandma and where and you know who knows that the most. I am not. all right three people shot two of them fatally river city saloon at southwest military drive early this morning Jim foresight commentary coming up at seven ten right now Rush Limbaugh brought to you by juries guns. four years public health officials and other know what all's of told Americans to stop eating so much meat they said the eating a lot of process and red meat was going to kill you heart disease cancer a slew of other health problems including some of the sea in some last Monday a group of international researchers released a new scientific analysis of meat eating and according to The New York Times what they found represents a remarkable turnabout the idea that people should eat less beef less pork less processed meat is not backed up by any credible science in other words it's bowl the scientist said that if there are any health benefits from eating less red meat they're so small that they're barely measurable a tiny blip the does not merit telling people to stop eating beef now folks how often have we been through this we were told coffee was banned force the bacon is going to kill us stay away from coconut oil brand that stuff experts hammered the public on the latest scientific research it turned out to be totally bogus this turnabout on me is not the first time it won't be the last one day I fully expect scientists to tell us that cows and cow farts have nothing to do with climate change just eat what you live your life in every nor these busy bodies who can't even live there's a right way just do what you want and enjoy it you only have one life. join me later today. twelve hundred W.. it is our honor folks to join me in.

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