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Some of these same trends are happening in the food industry as well and we should dan glickman former agriculture secretary looks like in the long term how it affects consumers out affects particularly poor consumers that may not have quite the access that the more affluent consumers will have that's a big change in the business that's happening the third change has to do with nutrition and i have thought for some time that the relationship between diet nutrition health and agriculture have been four stove piped industries neither none of which have kind of worked together to blend to figure out how one relates to the other so pretty soon the dietary guidelines are going to be coming out actually twenty twenty i see kathy will tech in front of me she was involved in those things when she was at usda and usda hhs are just beginning to seek input on priority topics to be covered under these new rules and advisory panel is going to be appointed chosen soon and they're gonna want recommendations relative to sugar sodium dietary fibers and other basic nutrition items and you can be sure that every interest group every commodity group and in the world is going to want to try to influence these things but people's eating habits are changing and more and more health is becoming a bigger factor in what people are eating i know there was a french philosopher who said you are what you eat and one trend as i mentioned is the growing relationship of diet nutrition medicine and health and agriculture and here are the facts obesity among all levels of populations is not coming down now among school age populations there was some leveling off of trends towards higher obesity but just recently there were studies that showed that obesity is in fact going up the fastest growing part of the federal budget by far in a way is healthcare costs medicare and medicaid costs along with interest on the national debt and it looks like the defense budget are driving about ninety percent of the budget of the united states of america and those healthcare seizes are largely chronic diseases diseases like type two diabetes cardiovascular disease some form of cancers arthritis and and so they're caused this is this epoch of healthcare problems are caused by lifestyle changes obviously exercise but a big giant part of it is diet has to do.

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