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But the church course is also they do a great job over there that inner or outer it's just very particular. So you're actually use races have a lot of horses that can run strong. So you have to be paying attention. It just gives or take if there's rain or not or how the race is playing, but I think speed is going to be strong today. And you're just showing to ride a smart race and save as much ground as possible and then just get a clear spot once you're ready to go. You mentioned earlier that your agent, Michael migliore, you two have kind of joined forces and your business and your success has really improved since you started employing him about 5 years ago. People have called you guys the odd couple. What is it about your relationship? When I met Mike, I was in between agents and there was something about him that he wanted to show than any other agent. He wanted me. He was out there every morning, 5 30, and when we ended up getting together, he was born in Brooklyn and I was a Long Island. I was born in Manhattan and I grew up in Saratoga. So you can kind of tell that you kind of have some different personalities, but no one two opposites me, they work well together and that's what we were doing. He's just taught me so much of being a better communicator and being able to go to anybody and talk to anybody and be confident doing it and he's helped me on and off the track as a family man and he's just always wanted the best for me and has always been a 100% behind my back and we've built this thing together a great foundation and every year we've gotten a little bit better. Well, obviously the duo is working quite well. What about your dad and your sisters? This is a family business for you guys. How much do you communicate with your relatives about riding whether it be occasionally or kind of just in the abstract or very specifically about certain horses and certain races? Yeah, so Jackie's currently my older sister Jacqueline, she's riding at finger lakes and she's doing well. She's fourth in the standings currently and she's having a great time. When she comes over to New York and if we happen to ride in the same race, you know, we want to beat each other, you know, if I, if I wanted to finish if I wanted to finish last, if I'm finishing second to last, I wanted to finish last. So it's always been it's always been competitive. And there's always been a big supporter of mine. So is Jack. So is Jackie, so jealous always having fun out there. Once we get on the track, we know what we have to do. We're trying to get the best place for our owners and we always try to fine tune our skills out there and help each other out. Your dad Robby won over 3000 races, including the runner up in the 1988 Belmont stakes you had a chance to ride in your first Belmont a few months ago. What was that like? I was incredible. Just to feel the crowd and the atmosphere that day was something that I wanted to do again and eventually I want to win that race and just feel what the winning rider feels when they win that. Dad's been from the beginning has been big supporter and he says that he doesn't write any race any other you shouldn't write any race different than if it was a great one or a bottom claimer and should always give a 100% and the only thing the only thing different is the money. So you just graduate and you see what happens and just write a good race and then you just take it from there. Seems like awfully good advice. I know you're riding creative minister at the end of the month in the current are there any specific courses or any races this meet that you're really most looking forward to? Nothing in particular I'd like to take it day by day and I just noticed that a lot of my business, my business is improving coming into this me that never before and just trying to do my best out there but I know that if you run as well he has a possible chance for the Travis creator. That would be certainly an amazing opportunity. Dylan, we really appreciate all of your time and your insights. We wish you the best of luck. Thanks so much for taking a few minutes. Okay, thank you for having me, thanks. Jockey Dylan Davis will be on boppy O this afternoon in the grade three Sanford at Saratoga. He's got 8 mounts today, 22 over the first three days, and he is primed to have another big meat after winning the aqueduct riding title and finishing second between one of the best in the world at Belmont park. We have much more to come on the equine forum, stick with us on

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