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Talk about it here. This is Chicago's very own 7, 20 w. G M or download the WGN radio app and extremist live. It's 74 degrees at 12 31. I'm Bob Kessler, the vice president visits the US Mexico border. We'll get to that after WGN traffic from Mary Vandeveld. And traffic sponsored by Dell. Sometimes it feels like the world is throwing everything at you Tell Technologies Advisors have the check advice you need to navigate whatever you're up against. For advice and solutions like XPS 13 laptops powered by Intel Evo Platform calling advisor today at 877 asked Dell Eden's is okay. But the inbound Kennedy is already an hour from O'Hare from the eat in about 50 minutes outside of the airport. Is tied into Nagel. Eisenhower is about 34 minutes out to Mannheim in about 26 53 to 83 tied up on 55 22 minutes in from the Tri state 28 Outbound Dan Ryan's okay South on Lake Shore Drive is heavy north to Chicago and on the tri state south on. I 80 to 80 94, tied at 80 94 from the Indiana told a Kennedy in Lombard Watch for an accident. 22nd admires and in Glendale Heights at North and Bloomingdale. Mary Vandevelde, WGN TRAFFIC Central Vice President Kamala Harris has wrapped up her day trip to a Border patrol station at the US Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. Most people don't want to be home. And when they do, it is usually for one of two reasons because they are fleeing some harm or because just stay at home is that they cannot satisfy the basic needs of their family. It was the vice president's first border visit. Since taking office. She's heading up the administration's efforts to address a steep increase in migration. Search and rescue teams are trying to detect any sounds.

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