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Committee next episode. So i'm certainly aware ever thought we played lot with certain endings and beginnings and things. Change the way and and things that you thought. We're going to be the endings turned out to be the endings. In a few scenes shifted within the episodes. But it's just about trying to find it so with them you know. I think my instincts are always more filming the male television so i think even in terms of like how they episodes unfold how edited now the shots me. They still feel like to have a have a film language film editing rhythm the more traditional tv. That was important to me. Because i still want to feel like you know in ten years time if you come across this show it's like oh it is a five hour pace in anti ritchie. And that's important to me. You can forget that sometimes when it's just it's not just the moment that it comes down to as longevity in has a future and so we always think about those things and sometimes you know you you struggle to find the right with an episode to end. Been the right way. But you know it's it's good to say it was made slightly hall with how to edit this which was remotely during coveted. Yeah know being necessarily in the same room was the editors and that has its own challenges. So did you finish shooting before sort of the lockdowns began and then and then go into post after well we. We finished the bulk of the shooting before kobe but then there was a week that we were supposed to shoot in canada in the candidate. We couldn't shoot because of kobe. So we gotta change and shoot some. Some of the stuff in studio will begin to which was deeply depressed the time and you know it's it's always a shy but you know you have to do these things we didn't want to put anyone wisc julianne that make so it was challenging and then some of the full lockdown and then some of it was done often at some of the mixing had to be done and some of the grading was all done remotely so it was. It was definitely a different experience. And i ended up being in the room with people when you humorous things that makes subtle complicated but you know it does work you can do. They have a striped t shirt fail. Jack did you when you when you're in a piece like this or what. You're doing something that you also extraordinary in which was godless which i also loved. Do you have to pace your performance. Differently is there. Is there a different way to tune your instrument when you're going to be in most of the scenes of a five hour series versus three quarters of the scenes in a in a feature or whatever whatever the case may be but you know. Is there a different way that you prepare yourself like almost physically and emotionally outside of like how you how you get ready to do. The acting i mean largely thing is dictated by the rights in requirement standards of character portrayed in an an an how e show related to the story unfolded and there has to be some level.

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