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Says adores made rather, right, right. So you know that getting work around town at the very least is difficult. And so John just lost his job at a time where it's not good in his household. He's going to go home and a little while here in his mom is doing poorly obviously with the death of her daughter with John sister. So yeah, the whole thing sucks that he's basically been fired because Dora thinks that he's the killer. Right. That's just, yeah, he's enough of a suspect where I think she wants to sort of, you know, get rid of ties to him whatever way possible, especially since she knew his sister the way that she did because she was doing her right. So that's interesting. That's obviously something to keep an eye on throughout the episode because he's clearly not thrilled about it and he's like, okay, and he knows all eyes are on him anyway. And then we skip on over across town to the ladies who are lunching ladies who lunch? Yes, and that's the event that a door declined to attend. Camille shows up throws back some champagne as you do as one does. Yeah. And a lot of the women are already starting to gossip, right? They're talking about, you know, is it Bob Nash? Is it John Keane? He's a little strange. You know, what are? What are your thoughts on all of this? Is it just speculation? Is it just more gossip, or do you think anybody has a real lead on this judge? Well, so the the the show moves in such a way, and I've been better about not looking at my phone while while the show. I think you can get away with, but I don't know if it was something that had been spelled out so clearly before or if it's really me just like kind of catching up to it that that and Nash and Natalie Keene were so close in that Bob Nash was not a big fan of Natalie Keene and thought that she was a weird bad influence on. His daughter. So the internal conspiracy theory that these women are hatching, you could follow the logic of why they would think that Bob Nash at the very least would kill Natalie as like as a means of avenging her, his daughter, if he thinks that like her influence was some how related to her alternately dying, then you know, like I feel like you can. You can follow that through line whether or not that's ultimately going to be what the what the real answer is. I doubt it, but what they're what they're talking about here, I think makes a lot of sense. But looking at Jackie, Elizabeth, perkins's character as a possible, suspect the speed with which she basically throws out that theory. Oh, he's a psycho. He can't stop staring at chess, like all of that stuff. And then everyone's like they everybody does, right. I felt like that like just under the read of her as a possible culprit in in one or both of these killings that was just like sort of like the casual easiness. Of how readily she rattled off that name as a suspect. I found that to be something to to Mark to underline Italy. And then the other theory I think they bring up is John key. John Keane killed Anna first and then killed his own sister, right? To cover it up to cover it up ride. I was another theory, yeah, but either way, you know, it's sort of is what it is. And like I don't really think there's any real like merit to them, gossiping about it like that doesn't really seem to be going very far. So in my opinion, at least just talking through, I mean, I get it like there's been a and they're really mad that they haven't gotten their menus. Oh yeah. The the wages is not having it with these people. She's just like, slams at down. She doesn't look like anybody, right? That's not somebody that is a character, like a friend of anybody's, right. Nobody. Nobody that I recognize. We've established my powers of observation on this show or dim dim. It's all right. All right. Anyway. So they also talk about Calhoun day, which I think is interesting. And that obviously plays a role throughout this episode Calhoun day, sort of marking like a, what is it fifty years of some sort of festival celebration of people in wind gap, right? So that's something to keep an eye on. I don't remember that being written in the book at all. Okay. So keep, you know, keep that in mind. Meanwhile, as they're all talking about all of this, John Keane is driving by the Nashes house is, and you just takes a quick look in and Bob's in there. Watching his kids watch TV per usual. It's sort of like the same thing we see almost every time. I'm sure that these two, I mean, one of them could be the killer in one could. One of them could be either living with that guilt. We're checking in on the other guy like, all right, what's going on with him? But if if neither of them are the killer that I imagined that they are both suspicious of each other? Yeah, at the very least the two top suspects in the town totally. And then we have Christmas driving around doing his thing getting ready to probably. Meet up with Camille. And then we see ama- rehearsing for Calhoun day and this is where it gets kinda creepy and I don't know. We already watched or kind of flirt with Messina. Now she's flirting with this teacher. Mr. Lacey Mr. Lacey Hussein lease the dang. I mean, I don't know if you can hear them. The birds right now are going crazy for Mr. Lacey up here in Maine. I mean, you know, I'm just saying no, my own island here we're in. I don't think we're on an island wanna pond anyway. No, we're gonna pond yet anyway, Mr. Lacey. I feel like. You know, he he's looking a little sloppy, a little slob and lease early, doesn't care about what's going on in the rehearsal. Doesn't care too much about what's going on in the rehearsal seems distracted seems a little down ama- kind of being a little flirty with Mr. Lacey. Don't necessarily get the sense that Mr. Lacey dislikes it, which is creepy. I don't know if he liked it either. It's hard to tell, but I feel like this is this is the first we're hearing of this character. First, we're seeing of this area. We're four episodes in two sharp objects. I would be shocked if Lacey this person who we've just just met is, is the killer. I mean, what I could see is it being like a two hander where it's like ama- is the primary and lacy is like the person that she has like convinced help, maybe pull the teeth out or something like that. Interesting that I could see. But he's just been introduced so late into the game to the point that like if he existed in earlier episodes, they really downplay. I think so. I don't know. I feel like if he is the killer than this is going to be like can be like, scream situation. We're talking about more than one person under the mask spoilers for scream. Yeah, there you go. Okay. But I really liked when one line that he said to her where she was like asking him about Calhoun Dane, whatever men wrote this and they like to like themselves look good, and he goes histories, history ama-, you can't change it. You can only learn from it, only learn from it. So I thought that that was like sort of a very wise saying to say that this girl who's clearly manipulating a lot of people in kind of like doing your own thing on her own terms. Right. It seems like, but you wonder, what is she learned from history? What is she learned from town history? What has history has a way of repeating itself Emily FOX, life fines away, and you do get the sense that there is like Camille is revisiting childhood trauma over the course of. This episode. So you are left to wonder. In what ways is history? Repeating itself year, wind gap. Totally, totally. So let me see. John come home and find his mom on the couch. She's drunk. That's not great that. So he's trying to keep it together as best as he can. And then there's a quick snippet of Camille talking to her boss back in in Saint Louis. Right? And it looks like he's going through chemo, right? It looks like he's going through chemo. He looks like either that or he is he is having some sort of dialysis or something. I'm not entirely sure, but he's getting a procedure done while he's on the phone with her speaking of drastic park, which we quoted just a moment ago with the great in Malcolm life finds a way the actor who plays Camille bosses named Miguel Sandoval and I felt like he was familiar. I felt like I knew classic parts in Gerasimov part up, and he's the guy. Who early on in the movie. You only see him in one scene, basically where he finds the mosquito in amber and holds it up for for for Genero the lawyer. If you remember that very early in the movie, he would be a great candidate to bring back for Jurassic world. Three should such a disaster occur. I'm sure that movie will exist. Well, the other reason why I was I was going to bring it up to stay on topic is you know how I how I like to mention that Alan Kremlin who played ttrij in mission impossible. The original original mission impossible was also he had a great role as the character Ritter in clear and present danger and Miguel Sandoval played earn Esto Escobedo in clear and present danger who is one of the primary bad guys in that movie to how about that small world, almost the smallest wind get useful information, right? Everybody says, smells this room. You're talking to me. Sorry. Anyway. Yeah, great. Great convergence of character. I just found that to be fascinating when you put good caring to carry on good job, Miguel, Sandoval of all his Frank curry, doing good work on this show. Anyway, Camille is a check in with her boss. He's to be hospital, maybe Frank curry. Maybe the editor and maybe Allen are in cahoots together, like some sort of clear and present danger reunion. That's dark because there's a little bit of an element of that in Guerin, present Asia. Go watch clear and present danger that your fill great under a and you love Harrison Ford. So you really should watch them. We'll watch together. It'll be great. Maybe we'll do a clear and present danger podcast. Jack Ryan is coming on a couple of weeks on Amazon. Oh my God. I'm sorry. I don't even know what we're presenting plays Ryan who Harrison Ford plays in clear and present helps our someone sent hell. All right. Well, do you have to learn how to control the podcast? Get me back on topic to pock. Yes, I can't go to the better today very much. As a rap aficionado? Myself. My favorite favorite songs by coupon? Yes, dear mama, and it did not seem like a great pick for a song at first where you're like, what is happening and came at a left field right? Just for anyone who's unclear, that's the song that comes on when ama- she's like dancing with her mom. It's like it's quietly playing in the background. She wanders over to Allen's entire sound system and she puts on to park and she puts on dear mama, which is to pox sweetest song of what you've exposed accident. The trials and tribulations of growing up with his mother and sort of the things that they both have been in and out of in terms of their lives. But how they've stayed together and stayed really connected. The thing I love about this song being played in this context is twofold. So first of all, there's a line that says, although we had different daddies, which is talking about him and his sibling who is half sibling. That's really interesting when we're looking at ama- and Camille, right. Right. And then when I was sick as a little kid, there's no limit to the things you did. That's another really great line that quietly fades off as we're watching Camille flash back to wanting to get in touch with a door or something right in the made is pushing her out saying like, no, not right now, right? Because she's probably sleeping. Leaving. Or taking care of Marian who was sick for however long. Right, right. So I think that's a really interesting thing. Are you saying that Marian, Camille sister who is deceased allegedly might actually secretly be alive somewhere. How about that? I mean, that's not in the song spiracy there is. I'm just trying to connect right. But anyway, I think that I've never really thought of this song as being particularly, you know, sort of applicable to like any other scenario other than to puck, sort of being autobiographical, but I really loved it context in this particular scene. And I think it's really interesting that ama- goes over and embraces Dora and adore leans into it, which seems very sort of events in two door Dora's like, no, I really loved to pock. I love biggie. I really hated the east coast west coast fight. But anyway, I think what's really interesting about this song to is that it's. Old enough that Camille would know it because it came out when Camille was like a kid, right? And then Amazon leaning into it too, and we're watching as Camille walks in and sees the two of them embracing and his again, sort of, you know, that's part of this flashback is seeing that there's a closest in that Adora has shared with her other two daughters that Camille has never been able to touch us, right? So dear mama almost has no applicable value to her and in in sort of looking at a door of the way that it would for ama- and potentially Marian. Yeah.

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