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Used to be The theme song to My old Talk show number. So the beginning of this Still have PTSD. I'll be driving down and I'll hear the guitar intro and I'll kind of because you you know, you just get into that habit of okay. I'm going to hit the mike and I got to the time that it is one of those ones you seem like. Oh, Never shake it. Never shake it. People who don't work in in in media like Who cares? It's a song, but no, You used everyone. I promise you, every single person has one of those memories that comes back with some songs. Some smell some TV stations. You hear that song, you know, like Oh, man, that was Welcome back. Good afternoon. I'm Benjamin. Yeah, I'm filling in for Mark Belling here on the Mark Belling late afternoon show. He'll be back on Monday. I guess. All saying, yes. Friday is somebody else. I don't know. Who is it? Jerry? Who's doing the Friday afternoon show tomorrow? So I'm not doing it. I I screwed up. So I was supposed to be not tomorrow. But next week, but I'm going out of town. So I'm like, Yeah, I'll pick up the pick up the one at the end of the month. That happens to be the new opening day for the Brewers. 3 10 start, So I'm gonna be sitting here talking about politics. Everybody's going to be down at an fan field beer in it up at the tailgate. The agony moving started text line is gonna be crickets because everybody's out having fun. I should be out having fun, too. Before the break. We got into the conversation about the Republican field versus Tony Evers. This all comes after a piece from the Journal Sentinel that listed it's four candidates likely candidates. Nobody's official but likely candidates Rebecca Kleefisch or Kleefisch. Somebody sent me a text, Ben, you're pronouncing it wrong. Sorry. Kevin Nicholson. Brian Molko Ocean Jonathan Richman. By the way, I should point out that no one not a single person, not a single solitary soul has texted me about anybody other than Rebecca Kleefisch on this list. No Kevin Nicholson fans know Bilma Kocian fans know Jonathan Wickman fans. It's It's Ron Johnson. Sheriff Clarke, Becky Kleefisch, Paul Ryan Reince Priebus. The governor from the North Woods, everybody but the other people on this The question I had is who can beat Tony Evers Tony Evers is infinitely beatable. But I'm not sure that anybody on this list does it texture here in the 507 Ben. My problem with Rebecca Kleefisch is that she feels like the next up Republican. I will see who runs and makes my chase choice based on the strongest candidate in every sense of that term, another texture here and I would get moved because we just got a ton of text texture in the 414 said, Ben, I have a bad feeling that the Wisconsin Republican Party is going to be M I A on this Now we had somebody from the Milwaukee County Republican Party call and tell me that it's been a little too rough to spread the love, he said. And by the way, asked Democrats are out there planning to cheat to win next year. What's our plan? And and he said, Well, we don't cheat. Maybe we should You know, are the Brewers cheating when the pitcher's spray sunscreen into their hair and then run their hands through their hair? Pick up the rising bag. And now all of a sudden that ball spinning like a monster is that cheating is stealing signs from second base cheating. If everybody's cheating, is it cheating? Democrats take this stuff seriously. They know that in order to win, they have to have an organized Kevin look at what Mark Zuckerberg's money did in Green Bay and Republicans are like, Well, I I think that will just voters have to have a desire to go to the polls. No. The party has to step up and start to do stuff. That's one of the reasons why most of the talking text line is filled with people. Who are anybody but the former lieutenant governor. Accident mortgage talking text line 414799 11 30, Let's go to Teresa over and Walkinshaw been hanging on a long time, Teresa. Thank you so much for hanging on. Go ahead. Tell me what's on your mind. You're welcome. And I enjoy listening to all the time. Same thing in the morning there Great. All right. I'm another sheriff, David Clarke fan to me. He's a leader. He's got a strong, authoritative personality and you just listen to him. Talk for two sentences and you know exactly where his head's at There's nothing that he says that I could never stand behind 100%. I know Vicki McKenna interviews him a lot, and she also does the same thing as Ron Johnson. He just believable person, But my concern with him is he always runs as a Democrat. And how are we going to get Republican money? Into a Democrat candidate. Well, I think, yeah, I think he could switch parties in two seconds and and and no one would know one to run for months and months. I listen to him all the time on your radio station that he's great. I mean, he thinks like me. Yeah, I'm behind him. 100%. I think I think that the sheriff Clarke has and and and thanks so very, very much, Teresa, I I really appreciate thanks for taking the time and and calling us here. I think that the Sheriff Clarke has a tremendous amount of crossover ability. I think that the Sheriff Clarke at a time when crime is going to become one of the major issues in the governor's race. I think that that he would have that presence, But I gotta tell you Listen, I do conservative talk radio for a living. There are a lot of people on the right who really, really, really, really, really love Sheriff Clark. And he said some things that turn up on conservative Twitter that moderate voters in Brookfield would be kind of Again. No candidates going to be perfect, and I'm not picking one over the other. But if there's going to be a knock on David Clarke, it's that there are so many people on really conservative Twitter who love him. And so the establishment media types on TV nationally at the Journal Sentinel. They are going to use that as the club. Against him. Republicans are going to have an issue with every candidate that that is true, but this is why we're talking about this to try and figure out who has the least amount of baggage and who is strong enough to overcome their baggage to beat Tony Evers. Accident. Mortgage talk and text line 414799 11 30 Paul on.

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