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It's unbelievable this. Let's keep the show the young guy. But it's not just this town. It's every town Mace they fall in love with the guys. They draft that. So when I was younger, I worked at Fox Sports radio. I did national overnights for them. And I remember being on in Boston during the cage e trait, right. And there were people literally calling me wait wanna give up Alhaarth's tended. I'll Jefferson right out Jeffers, Gerald green like we don't want to give up their guy guy for Kevin Garnett. Yeah. That was like, are you guys stupid? Like have you lost your mind, who is the angels team that would never trade anyone stoneman? Yeah. Bill stone can't train them. We raised them can farm. That's ridiculous. If you. Can get one of the top five or six players in the league you get him. Whatever put him with another one of the top five or six players. Correct. And by the way, then you still have thirty something million cap space to surround those guys with with complementary colors this a little bit too is. And this comes up all the time on, on the Twitter machine that they look at the Angelo, and they look at Julius Randle and they say we gave up on those guys too soon. So what they're not game changers though, you know what I'm saying could they have gotten more for them or should they have gotten more valley for them? Yes. But that's that's on the front office that, that has nothing, by the way. I'm that's not even the guy I worry the most rat who got away. If you say thank you take one back that got away. Bring back Lopez refer three million dollars. Yeah. I mean you gave Michael Beasley that money. Hey, freddie. What did we see with this Joshua fight is he does? Is he a glass jars? He not what we thought he was okay. A lot of people. Have spoken out against Anthony Joshua and the British fans who now can speak to American fans whenever they want through social media are very vocal about their guy as they should be. But a lot of old school boxing is have all talked about his defense, being much more than suspect is just not there. And then they talk about the chin and the example that the old school guys all give was the fight. He had against that, that light heavyweight, Sasha, whatever's last name was not pavilion, but something like that. Right. And this guy is a light heavyweight. All right. He's just a Russian amateur guy who has the Russian amateur style. Everything is not that hard to figure out and he wanted Joshua. And this guy was given up thirty five pounds to Joshua and wobbled him. So everybody and Dante Wilders has been the most vocal about it. He was the one saying, you know, this guy has been ducking me. He's a bum. You can talk about me throwing punches all you want. But this guy has no defense. He backed straight up and if I hit him with my right hand when he back straight. He's dead. What it Anthony Joshua do he backed straight up. Yep. You got all your weight on your back foot. There's nowhere else for you to go. And you got clocked with a right hand and they also got stung with a left hook in a bunch of other shots. Right. But that overhand right. Exposed him bad, if I'm him or as people, I don't even want him taking the rematch, so you don't have to doesn't really have to. It's his choice. The rematch triggered by the contract is what can yes he doesn't look, Bob Arum could easily go to Dante's opponent Luis Ortiz and be like, hey, here's ten million dollars. You're injured. These happened every a winning. John kissing Joshua's, next fight should be wilder. I think if he's going to blow the window, I wouldn't wanna lose to the same guy twice, if he does he will never get to while, especially when the guy looks like that. And once that guy knows he can take your best punch, and you did not come out, and he knows you can't take his best punch. It's a lot easier to be enough that loss isn't a fight with wilder much less sexy. Of course, less sexy. But what else do you do like this guy? And I love him but he wrecked the heavyweight division..

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