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As you said, I think this is the second domino with the supreme court on may fourteenth being the first one as a huge win for sports betting. And I think it was good to see them stand down on this integrity fee nonsense. The integrity fee was couple of things that didn't suggested that the sports betting community did not have the proper channels in place to protect the integrity of the game. If they didn't pay this fee, like it already exists is above board. The integrity fee was unnecessary. So good for them to stand down. Nevada has been paying it right. They've been paying something called the federal excise tax which is point two, five percent lot different, and it's a tax just even the name of. It matters because they don't want to bend on that. It's like, no, I'm not going to agree to that because it suggests that we have. We have a shady business, so it was good for them to stand down on that front. But this was also a cash crap and a little bit of a dog and pony show because there was nothing of huge substance other than saying, we're partnering with you, it's not exclusive. It wasn't saying that they're going to get this stuff that like no one else can have. I mean, they're saying this direct data feed, which I don't think has any value. I think it's just sort of nomenclature and sort of a nice packaging. But I don't think it's going to do anything. The MGM didn't gain an advantage with its NBA odds. They're not going to say, well, we have this data feed that we think LeBron's eighth rebound wasn't really under review. Like I don't think they're gonna say the next game Cleveland, excuse me. The Lakers are now minus four instead of three and a half, like they're going to follow the market just like every other sports book. There's no competitive advantage that the MGM has other than they're gonna get some branding and sponsorship visibility. I would agree. I also think as you alluded to there again, it just seems to me, this is my opinion. There is some quid pro quo here about down the road, a NBA team in Nevada, right? You guys, why you make a deal with us for again, three years, twenty five million dollars. Darren rebel reported a lot of money for me. Not a lot of money for the NBA especially when you're giving up among all the teams, but now there's a market, right? The market exists because somebody's willing to pay for it. If I want to sell my car worth two thousand dollars and I can sell it for ten grand, then I should take that deal and the NBA wasn't gonna get anything. I don't think from the integrity fees. Now they were twenty five million dollars and other sports books who can buy the same deal. So I think that's also down the road. No, that's that's. That's sort of the underlying thing. That's what I've heard as well. I talked about it on sportscenter. That luck. It's how do I put this delicately there weren't a lot of places in Vegas aching to get WNBA team, right? The MGM did it because they want to continue the relationship they have with the NBA. They are the official sponsor of the summer league, and there are reports not even reports conversations going on about building another Rena. There's t. mobile, but they also want to build their own arena and have their own NBA team there. And if magin that, like an NBA team being owned in Las Vegas by casino. Now we know about some of the dual partnership back in the day of the hairs and the Celtics, and other than that, the rockets. But this would be a full blown like the Las Vegas aces are and twenty five million said he went back, but it is sort of just a opening the door to other people other sportsbook and gaming operators to pay more money to get on board with this and say, hey, let's all play nice. We can do a sort of. You know compromise and everybody wins, whether it be sponsorships in the arena, sponsorship advertising in the billboard, whatever the the marquee, whatever it may be. But yeah, this all science point to that and small interesting point as well. The Tillman for Tinto who owns golden nugget..

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