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To the news today that the Lordstown GM plant will be idled meaning hundreds of Ohioans will lose. Lose their jobs joins office says after he's sworn in as governor, and John Huston is Lieutenant governor they will visit the Detroit auto show in January and make their case in person GM about the future of the Lordstown plant dewine calls the workers their second to none dean's office is not being specific about whether they will offer any incentives of any kind in an effort to persuade GM executives to reverse the decision to idle the plant beginning March first at the state house cheer at alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN plant in Lordstown will stop making cars in March the plant had offered buyouts to more than six hundred employees just last summer shortly after they eliminated the facilities. Second shift that Lordstown factory had opened in nineteen sixty six Ohio is now the first state that will accept bitcoin as a form of currency for tax payments state treasurer, Josh Mandel says they have launched Ohio crypto dot com where people can use crypto currency to pay. They stayed will charge a minimum fee to businesses using this method. Of payment. Bitcoin is currently the only currency that's accepted by the website. Investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that destroyed a house yesterday in the Hilliard area. Neighbors reported that they saw a suspicious person outside the home on Sunday before the fire started and they called nine one one. No one was injured in the fire. The hilliard. Police department is leading the investigation a massive shopping frenzy. Still underway shoppers are taking advantage of some huge deals. They cyber Monday to tech site seen that.

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