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Turn right instead now spent it it's the broadcast where we just subject single article thank you know that was a Pete Davidson Joe Basing I ask you what figures didn't bother to graduate so zero hands go ahead zero hands on zero hands no no Harvard one thousand nine hundred four alums here it's been okay all right that's weird Arwel Tom you sound a bit bitter so if it's any consolation you whip is asking a raise not on his rascal though that'd be the best the best sequel fast and furious like a raccoon skull on the front of it Oh so while he was in school FDR Cousin Theodore Roosevelt became president which FDR found terribly inspiring after all if one roosevelt could do it well by God maybe any old roosevelt could have you changed the last name that was Jeb Bush's campaign slogan and George W's fucking I slogan all right in one thousand nine hundred he met me began to pursue Eleanor Roosevelt and you may have noticed that she was already a roosevelt so you might be having and thoughts right now about your search history eleanor was FDR's fifth cousin once removed so genetically like pretty much not much more related than Ken Cam and that guerrilla that new sign language that's pretty fucking relate it all right that's too close since they were unlikely to have AP's with Aquaman toes they decided to get hitched in one thousand nine hundred five still naw great though when your relationship is short for Poly Dactyl sign don't be like the Duggar family in any way yeah eighteen there's in counting a few interesting notes Franklin's father was at the time of their marriage dead so as Eleanor's father though she was able to get her uncle who was then president Teddy Roosevelt to stand in for him. So Upgrade Franklin's mother Sarah was not a fan of Franklin getting married he tried to break she tried break their engagement that never worked so it didn't here either and the two were wed and live together with Sarah FDR's mom who opposed their marriage they lived in this addict opulent Spring would state and that's kind of weird on its own but when a couple had a townhouse built in the city Sarah built a twin of it to live close hi and strangely eleanor feel terribly at home in either of those homeless and this perfectly clear to allies mom Tom saying that's a bad thing bad thing well eleanor in fact had a rather long list of things that she didn't like such as raising children of which Eleanor's said she knew quote absolutely nothing about handling or feeding a baby and so rather than learn it she outsourced it to the hired help and it's easy to do unpleasant things like take children if you could just pay someone else to do it so they had six kids please become a patron that's the four or kidnapped one of Tom's children the little one super cute I'm just got a nickname psych aren't how much ransom for you to keep him uh-huh despite having six kids eleanor describes sex as an ordeal to be endured so you.

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