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And power to make decisions in the best sensors themselves and the people that they themselves serve almost always do the right thing with it, and when you empower people to do the right thing, and you empower you trust people with leadership and power. This country in military units in my case can do extraordinary things, but I also think the people of this country can do extraordinary things, and this is why I've sort of been against you know. Obviously, I was in favor of lockdowns early on right when we didn't know a whole lot about the virus you know. A whole lot about the virus. You don't know how effective. Mortality rate is my God. You have to do everything he can to protect society while figuring out as much as you can. About the genome of a potential pandemic play right button as the data evolves, a strategy has to evolve, and now I think we know the CDC just reported today that people below fifty the viruses and ninety nine point, nine seven percent survival rate appeal right. Right. Yeah! Generally, it was like point two six percent. Fatality rate I think is what the CDC came out with a, I'm not exactly sure, but I'm pretty sure it's right around there. Like look ev Gosh. Every DEP- is totally tragic I. Mean we want to do everything we can to protect people from this? I'm just talking from a larger philosophical standpoint here. Okay, we know a lot more about the about. The virus today made did three months ago. Should we not as leaders be trusting people with their freedom? You know. Should we not as leaders say? Like this is inconcl clearing clear concise communication. This is what we face. F The are the only thing that we have to fear. Sphere itself you know, be honest with the people trust them with their freedom allows them like that sort of December philosophical standpoint. Why against the lockdowns? In perpetuity truth of the matter is Ryan I. You touch on this in your in your podcast. From time to time the the the in a crisis, no course of action is without risk. You know at any time we wake up when we draw breath in a free society to be free is to also assume a certain level of risk in your life in order to be free. Do you think that it is at its core. Let's just talk about this. Lockdown restrictions due to covid nineteen at its core that it's a trust issue that our politicians don't trust that citizens everyday ordinary people like you and I can make decisions in our own best interest. Or alternatively. Do you feel it's a? It's a attempt at a power. Grab that we can maintain in Russell. 'cause I wish. From the outside looking in I wish that it was We just don't trust you. Make decisions, but I don't know if that's entirely. It feels like a power. Grab more than anything to me and I think it's okay to be to have a little of both right like I think. It's I think it's possible to take. covid nineteen of a threat it poses to society very seriously. you know to you know taking seriously the economic impact of the perpetual lockdown do taking all also a tyrian creep that comes along with lockdown. Right it is. It is possible to care about all three. But as I share your same concern in sentiment that use Pennsylvania as an example. We're still locked down here. You know why I don't know I mean we have the doctors at the University of Pittsburgh? Medical Center here in Western. PA THESE ARE EPIDEMIOLOGISTS BIOLOGISTS specialize in infectious disease that have said. We prepared for this. We onboard with the lockdown, but the surge we said was going to happen didn't happen, and we need to reopen because the casualties from an economic fallout. are probably going to be brighter greater than covid nineteen in the virus itself and so right yet. We're still locked down. Why. Why. The only thing that I can come the only conclusion that I can come to is that there is some sort of alterior motivation that might be political that that that maybe if you look at Democrat, governors go. Please don't think I'm pointing the finger here I'm really not trying to, but you've got governor Whitmer in Michigan you've got governor Cuomo you've got governor Wolf These are all democrats. They're all still lockdown governor newsom in California's still lockdown when the science really doesn't warranted in fact, the science. Science. Warrants opposite the opposite is true of lockdown that staying cooped up with people for long periods of time is not as the terrible for for for mental health. It actually makes you more susceptible to catching the virus you know whereas people are outside, spread out in the Sunday. It's more healthy for you generally speaking, but it's also far harder to catch the virus. Sixty percent of the people in New York City caught covid nineteen acted lockdowns had been in place for a month. So what does that? Tells you that lockdowns are probably not the best way to deal with a global pandemic, and so I just wonder. We know all this information now. Much of this information is represented on the CDC website. So why are we still locked down and? Check this out Ryan. They said that there's there's recent research it comes out and says the virus half life is twenty four hours. The meaning like you know you, so you can. Spread it within a twenty four hour period. There's also recent research said there's no way symptomatic spread yet. We're also wearing masks still right if there's no I know that. If. There's really no eysenck. damatic spread in the half life of the viruses, only twenty four hours and again you don't trust me. Go look at go read the research. Go to the CDC website of some articles on reader for yourself, but if you're a symptomatic and you're not coughing sneezing. then. How do you spread? How do you? Why are we wearing a mask slower asymmetric? Really if we're wearing a mask to protect other people, because our droplets can infect, I get that. But at the race dramatic and you don't have symptoms, not coughing and sneezing the wear one in the first place I'm just saying. Mass masks come with inherent risks as well like your rebirth, your carbon dioxide. You're getting percent less oxygen so. Two two year olds and above need to be wearing a mask when they go grocery shopping when you know, the virus is kids. Eleven and below or a have almost no risk whatsoever associated.

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