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And I've been in there a couple of times and she's told me the woman who runs that that the most popular person that she's asked about in the Steve McQueen say, even though Steve McQueen doesn't, he didn't actually make that many films that would consider today to be among the most classic of ole films, but this something about these liberty and the legacy of Steve McQueen that has made him into an everlasting figure of cinema, I suppose the person you won't or the image you won't in your living room. You know, the kind of Clint Eastwood's of the Steve mcqueen's all the heroes, the. The sexy heroes that the double-o sevens, which actually give you something to aspire to as opposed to a another dinosaur, or you know, faces flushing out to the missed. But remember what we said earlier about the post, not necessarily representing the film itself, and I think that's an important part of this because even with all of those JAMES BOND film posters, they don't necessarily hawk back to the actual film. You may love so many of the posters eines of JAMES BOND without necessarily falling in love with all of those movies and mortaring them over and over again. That's definitely the case with Steve McQueen. A lot of people at their will have the post a full bullet hanging up on they will. They may not go back and watch the film once a year, but that piece of design really exists onto itself because that's how the aunt foam should be. This is this is a type of odd. We should appreciate it that way, Ben Ryan. Thank you very much. Indeed, still to come on the program. We review the day's newspapers in New Zealand and financial Agatha shack will take a somewhere in the world for this week's global countdown plus says. Happy birthday, Madonna, you're listening to the daily with me. Minoso stay tuned. This week, our award winning current affairs program, the foreign desk per Cuba's new leader. Miguel Diaz kennel his victory Mathoma Susan on repressors University.

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