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Chris is certainly not a millennial, but he thinks like a millennial sometimes maybe even more youthful than that. Which is really important because she will know if a talent is afraid to reinvent himself or herself, right? And they are frayed to try new things. Then there act will get very very stale. Absolutely. I gotta chase my tights. I gotta change my boots. Sometimes, you know, it's more than guys. Listen, it's more of them look at your tax, but it's more than just and get new Inc. I didn't quite get what I still thinking here. You know, an are the ideas for vignettes that have a beginning a middle and in and by the time, we get to the end. I know who you are better. What are your ideas on that? I don't have any. How can you be an entrepreneur? How could he be performer and entertainer 'cause look your your your sessions are entertaining people, right? Even motivate and you're over the top. And you're happy you're excited. They're they're you're everything is supposed to be. And they dig that. So I'm just under saying man, I think that the way kids think today, or whether we mice it if the smart money on wrestling is continued to reinvent you say visting, it all the time network changes here there in younger, but you got your deal, man. You're I love the fact that you're getting away from yoga. Yeah. It's still it's still fair. But not you know what I mean. I know we're if you look at some of the greatest workouts I've ever been sold us like tai-bo, you know, just scape. Billy blanks taught women health protect themselves through doing his exercise, and then p ninety x was humongous. They sold over four hundred and fifty million units. Think about that. That's what make beach body. So Eugene insanity sold a ridiculous amount. But they're hearing they're gone. The only thing that lasts is yoga. So that's the part of holding onto the healing part. Like, I tell you it's been in my performance center in the last three months raven comes for two to three days a week and Duni app, at least once it home Bagwell for I mean four buff. I mean, I've never seen a guy who so young is so beat up to shoulder replacements in the same shoulder because after he got the first shoulder and it felt so good where do you go back to the Jim? And he's telling me just one plane. We're on how he's backing Jimmy's hitting the weights. I'm like, dude, that's a shoulder replacement. No, no. I feel great. Well, bottom line is another one, and I work on that. He's had four hip surgery to replacement so far on the same one might be looking at third where I'm working with him. But the guy was really excited, you got it drew McIntyre. Who is I think is the next big thing. He he would be my he would leave wrestlemanias champion. The rest of that later. Yeah. Right. And he's ready now where when he was twenty two twenty four he wasn't ready, but he's going through all the trials and tribulations that cat JR that kid when he came off this last injury because he'd started my stuff twice in stop. But this time like he was all in he drove seven and a half hours from Tampa to work with me in Atlanta. State for four hours turned around drove home. That's one day. The next time he came he flew in with his wife to spend the day and lead. And right after that shameless does his great Celtic warrior thing, which I think I love the way shameless. Again, you talked about a guy revenge himself constantly keep himself in the mix and super taint got a super heart. He called me up. And he was like, hey, man up. Drew is tell me about your place. I'd love the come in. And and do do the program and do put it up on my channel. I've love it. Come on in. He brought my boy fit Finlay early. Yes. And not only did fit work could mean that day with all of us. He came back with his wife now, and he got it and helping them with the shoulder help them just just just all around just helping them feel better. You know? I mean, that's like stretching mood. My god. No, there are two two Guinness knowledge p and you'll have rolling again my God. He's he's he's a stud..

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