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Wjr news time five thirty good morning i'm dick haefner wjr news weighing in on the massacre at the church in texas president trump sidestepped questions from reporters about whether the us needs better guncontrol gun controls a mental health problem at the highest level very very sad event had save these a great people and a very very sad event but that's the way i view 26 killed twenty who's wounded in that mass shooting at sutherland springs texas the man who says he pursued the governor of texas church shooting says he was acting on instinct to try to prevent the suspect from escaping as man said in an interview on tv in suburban san antonio he was driving past the church sunday as the shooting occurred and he saw the government exchanging fire with a member of the community he says the member of the community a passerby asper help and got into the man's truck they took off at highest pete in pursuit of the gunman as police were going in the opposite direction toward the church this man was going towards the killer a gunman eventually lost control of his vehicle and crash he says that the other a bystander walked up to the vehicle with his gun drawn the suspect did not move the bystanders stood guard over the gunman until police arrived about five minutes later the shooting leaving twenty six people dead about twenty wounded none of the dead people have been officially identified although church members have been talking at releasing some of the names believes of course will hold a briefing later today to update this situation twenty six killed twenty others wounded in that mass shooting in southern springs texas the japanese prime minister sharon's obey was with him when president trump said the us and japan are committed to stopping north korea from developing nuclear weapons mr trump vowed the era of strategic patience is overnighted states of america stands in solidarity with the people of japan against the north korean menace history has proven over and over that strong and free nations will always prevail over tyrants who oppress their people republicans in democratic leanings dates may prove make or break to the gop tax reform plan that's according to correspondent bob constantini who says the republicans can afford to lose no more than twenty two of its rank and.

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