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Up the phones this next hour as a freeforall since swell we've only got two more days this year i'm going to be gone next week so we will take your calls next hour right now i want to play audio from yesterday it is old news now but this is just too good to pass up this is from 3 ten pm eastern time on capitol hill yesterday afternoon the democrats they organized a counter tea party protest they were going to storm capitol hill in protest the passage of tax reform nancy pelosi was coming to rally the troops uh it would help if i got the audio sink right wouldn't it here we go these protests have never been like what we saw with the healthcare law this particular protest was supposed to start at three supposed to feature nancy pelosi and supposed to have hundreds of people and none of those things are going to end up being true so there has been this protest effort to stop this and slow it down but it is increasingly likely that the passage of this tax bill is more or less a foregone conclusion at this point as long as there's not some other surprise defection here in the next twenty four hour so they barely had people in fact the room had more capitol hill staffers coming to check out the protests that it actually had protesters they could muster the votes in a you know you see democrats right now ridiculing the idea that a thousand dollar tax cut as meaningful y'all a thousand dollars is really meaningful to some one of lower income it's really meaningful the someone of upper income it's a thousand dollars that's good money that's real money the vented their ridiculing a thousand dollar bonus from companies shows you how out of touch liberal czar it was more here it is cyncially ridiculing the thousand dollars that is going to lower income families bluecollar workers and in some of these corporations and aid i think it winds of actually being the average amount of money that people will save on their tax bill it kaunda's shows you the democrats don't believe there's ever a reason to cut taxes that they they would never give you a tax cuts.

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