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Janet. Hi steph to super-busy weaker at the icc. Yeah we're recording here at the press center at the icc. And just after lauren by both the former president of the ivory coast and his strong supporter sharply. Gouda were both fully acquitted. Just a couple of hours ago to apologize to the few journalists still here slaving away behind us But we'll get back to that later in the podcast the hog ruling so first. Let's take a quick look at the day earlier. When bosco and to ganda from the democratic republic of congo had his thirty year sentence that was for war crimes crimes against humanity. I think confirmed by the appeals chamber. You hear stuff. That was also kind of rubber-stamping gun no was sentenced to thirty years in prison in two thousand nineteen for murder. Rape and other atrocities committed Also conscripting and using child soldiers. He when he was the military chief of the union of congolese patriots a upc militia in the democratic republic of congo. Hundreds of civilians were killed in the conflict. Many thousands were forced to flee. the fighting. one of the interesting aspects is that he's the first defendant to be convicted with finality by the ic of sexual and gender based crimes and that includes sexual crimes against both men and women's billions and also child soldiers. So i could up rosemary. Gray sydney law school niles. Her exactly how important she thinks this latest. Ict decision is but just a quick warning before we play that describes some very graphic sexual violence. And it's a tough lesson. I think that they appeal. Chambers's decision to uphold. Bus kinetic is conviction is a and it's a turning point in the international criminal courts experience sexual crimes. Now explain why as your listeners probably aware. The international criminal court has had quite a difficult history with voting offenders to account for sexual and gender based crimes in fact. That again is appeal. Decision is the first time that we have seen a sexual violence conviction from the eyesafe. A be upheld with finality. So let me just remind myself the worst couple. Previously they slipped in amber got acquitted and they tried somewhere else. I mean to walk through the history of sexual crimes at the ice as say what happened is the first. K instance was the lubango from the democratic congo. And that was a very high profile case for many reasons including the ice as fest trial and in that case the then prosecutor louis raynaud kampar did not laid evidence of sexual violence at the pretrial stage and as a result all of the evidence of sexual violence that came out of trial was named to be outside the skype off the charges with the result that the trial chamber did not convict..

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