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Hundred percent. Theo Sahfiqul truth. Crystal for one hundred percent mount Shasta, the Mirian battle armor for enhanced awareness, an extra dimension of astral plane projection. Why can I say things like that correctly? If I gave like a new age speech, I feel like I'd be neyland shit. And then if someone was like, hey, can you give me your dress? I live on this state of Idaho street, I-, coordinating, happy what? Okay. Let's get some history. Let's get to some horror. And and see what else we get to with today's tale. It is time now for Madame Delfi. We're gonna we're gonna go quick in today's timeline. No, dick and around the the context. Madam Lowery's life will come up or Ganic as we March forward. Fhu. Slavery war gonna get into all kinds of surrounding interesting contextual ship as we examined the life of someone by by primarily examining the lives of those around her. Since surprisingly little was written about giant chunks of the life of someone who's become so infamous get to it. Wrap on those boats soldier where Martin down a time summertime lie. Talk about Maria del phen- Lowery who we think was born in seventeen eighty seven. It's important to know about the social and political circumstances of Louisiana previous twin lot of relive. Their lottery was born New Orleans was still city in the Louisiana territory. Talk about that territory. How about you come back to sixteen eighty two with me that year people were way grocer the now because bikini wax and good shampoo and scientifically hand skin products hasn't been created yet. No one ever applied sunscreen or use legitimate toothpaste ever picture that when you hear about somebody beautiful from back, then kind of beautiful beautiful with fucking Brown teeth and leather skin also in sixteen eighty two Louisiana territory. Not the American state was founded by French explorer, Rene, Robert cavalier, Sierra de LaSalle named it in honor of the French king. Louis the fourteenth, it originally covered an expansive territory that included most of the drainage basin of the Mississippi. River stretch from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Appalachian nailed it mountains to the rocky mountains. However, just because Kelly had claimed a great deal of territory North America didn't necessarily mean that all of it was developed or even inhabited by Europeans. The biggest settlements were Nolan's found in seventeen eighteen Quebec founded in sixty eight and Montreal founded in sixteen forty two while the French had Fords from Florida to Wisconsin. There just weren't that many Europeans in North America. Two and a half million estimated population of North America in seventeen seventy five and most of those people were in major metropolitan areas, like Philadelphia, New York City. It's estimated that around seven thousand euro Pean immigrants settled in Louisiana during the eighteenth century, not a lot a number one hundred times lower than the number of British colonists on the Atlantic coast because everything being spread out. It was relatively hard to defend territory that you'd claimed especially if you were already fighting wars at home as Louie the fourteenth was fast forward. Seventeen fifty six the seven years war begins and includes every great power in the western world. But basically the rundown is that it's England versus France was pressure Portugal. Small German states coming in on England side, France getting a little backup from the holy Roman empire, Russia Spain, some historians. Call this war World War zero because of its unprecedented at the time global scale sw, what happened now who conflict well conflict between a Great Britain and France broke out in seventeen fifty four last between seventy four seventy fifty six when the British attacked disputed French positions North America starting with the British ambush of a small French force at the battle of. Of june. Ville Jim Ville, Glenn on may twenty eight seventeen fifty four and extended across the colonial boundaries and the seizure of hundreds of French merchant ships at sea. A.

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