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I was taking Gino. Romero's word for it that the girl who was a tiger his word my own instincts. At first glance. She seemed soft shy lovely. Then you sensed a wildness about her kind of suppress violence. That brought up short. Made you stop and reappraisal. He leaned against a tree watching the bodies of the plane. Crash victims being carried down the slope in place in the army jeep with no sign of emotion on her face cool detached. She had no reason to be here and I wonder why she was the only way I knew we'll find out what's do Oscar. Yes what is it. Your marveled terrence heavily. That's right and I have not met you somewhere before all but but you're about to y name is Johnny dollar an investigator for an insurance company in the state. That might be very interesting work sometimes on some jobs other times it's only dirty and disgusting gusting like this time for instance. We all have our problems. Maybe I can help you with yours Mr will you. I'm not in the mood as me. I think that seeing ten bodies picked up and hauled away out of put anyone in a gay carefree move. Look beat it. You came out here sightseeing. Didn't you twenty miles from town so you must like this kind of thing I had friends is on that plane Mr Dalla so did a lot of other people but maybe not as good friends as you. I don't know what you're talking about and I don't care you h Palmer and Jim rourke where those your friends must turn. Let's get this straight. I'm not interested in playing footsie's or any other game you have in mind. You're wasting your time buster. Now get going wait a minute. Maybe you've got the wrong idea. This isn't just a social chat. Now you want to help me with my problem. Just one problem wondering how you're going to spend that fifty thousand dollars but yeah. That's a fair sized chunk doc. Money to drop right out of the sky talking about what fifty thousand dollars a money you'll get from the deaths of you two friends Palmer and rook. What do you mean so? Tell me you with them at the the airport last night when flights six took off. Yes I y you must have known that they both took out flight policies and that both of them named you as beneficiary. No No I. I didn't know I wasn't with them exactly based not up until takeoff than you claim this is all just a big surprise. Of course I didn't know a thing about it. It's just liked them. It's what they do. Why did you come out here to the reckless turns? I don't know Ed and Jim when my friends and I don't know why I came because I brought her Mr Nobel but I didn't bring her here to be pushed around by some morbid curiosity. No please this is Johnny Dollar Bill. He's an insurance investigator. They'll blatant star along. It was asking me some questions why you add in gem both took out insurance policies in my name. Why Flight Accident Policies Fifty thousand dollars word allows the blakely? You said Miss Terence's here because you brought her. I wonder if you tell me why you're here. I don't another any of your business. Sometimes I make things and sometime you may get your teeth knocked out there in pretty solid blatantly. Yeah well maybe. I'll stop sorry mobile APP common. Kim rival who builds business partners. What business to blakely engineering? We're willing some roads around Mexico City. How many partners just the three of you in? Just that's right. Dollar business belongs to me now. What about it? Nothing about it. Congratulations one more stop it. Let's go role model. I've got to get back to wait for them. If the truck I'll be there in a few minutes searches a dollar just one thing. Don't push me Blakely Glee. Ten people died over there on that hillside last night they were murdered. I intend to find out who did it and takes pushing to find out. Then I'll push you around. Yeah you probably will this thing hit bill pretty hard Mr Elliot have to make allowances along have been on a couple of Mon bomber rourke the same. It's nothing serious. Nothing romantic. If that's what you're thinking. It was all just for fun. was that all it was on this I oh man always claim to be serious. That's only part of the game. What else do you do? Ms Terrence beside play the game at all I'm a wealthy orphan is two Dahlie and my only career is drifting around the world playing the game. I'm ornamental irresponsible and rather useless. Maybe not entirely useless. Just being ornamental has has some importance in this world. So you play to now. I meant it. I guess I was pretty obnoxious when you spoke to me while ago I suppose I ask for it. I'm staying at the hotel. Tell Montecasino I'd like see again. I could teach you the game johnny very attractive offer outside of business hours. But do you think I'm mixed up in this. No I'm not sure well think about it. Johnny in calm me at my hotel Monte Cassino. That's where the Lagos's staying having to know him Komo yes of course. Why one of the passages killing lane was his wife? Didn't you know I sat named Lago said I. I didn't even know he had a wife another just for fun. I think you've got some wrong ideas about me. Johnny come see me enough straighten them out for you and something else. You'll find it out anyway so I may as well tell you. Tell me what I had reservations on flight. Six to was going over to van for the weekend. I canceled out at the last minute. I see. Maybe that's why I came out here to see for myself. I'm not afraid of death. I've tempted to twenty times to be but it does fascinate me. I stood there. Watching thinking could have been me being carried down that slow except the luck. DOC Why did you cancel out at the last minute. I was talked out of making the trip by Home Bill. Blakeley I watched swing down the slope live wrecks and lovely a strange girl.

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