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Bought pigtails at the farmer's market once they were recommended as treats for my dogs. Then thought they looked like albino Man areas never bought them again. Well. Ah, I'm saving lots in some areas. Hair, nails, gas, dining out social activities, but spending it all in crazy sales. I just want a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for $200 that 75% off. Wow. Well, Even Jimmy Choos got to stay afloat. You gotto review one Jimmy Choos in the future. You got to buy some Jimmy Choos now. Well, the problem with this purchase that she's made and I understand you know you're a grown up so you won't grow because you're already grown up s o the But you also have new shoes You're not gonna wear anywhere for may be a while. But when you can, you're going tohave. Jimmy Choo's sure you know what if you were in your money You can spend it any way you want to. We're not going to say I was saying anything. I might actually very judgy. Very opinionated. Absolutely try for 15 says. My hobby is dining out in another pastime is going to bars with friends between those and not using uber three times a week. I'm saving a ton of money that's right, forgot get getting to and from all those places. Uh huh. Are also saving on son. You know that you've got my fun account over here. That's All stocked up boring here. 916 says. I buy smoked turkey tails or next to simmer and my soul food dishes like collard greens. Traditionally, we use salted pork for flavor, but it's so unhealthy anyway, when you read that story about the woman in Ohio I thought maybe her pack a turkey tails was Hold on. I have it here. I just Oh, ah! Her pack of turkey tales had a random neck in it because Turkey next do look like a pack of D's. That is true. When you pull out the guts, you know that they put in a little bag inside that, usually the next in there all the giblets whatever they're called, and that neck is bogus looking. It really does look like somebody's Playing. L O. L is popular and Southern dishes. Yeah. Story was out of Ohio, though, but okay, I mean, people move, right? You're right. You know people who enjoy what they enjoy, and they they need turkey tales to cook it than Going to buy a pack of those 707 says Sarah What's the book about Dragons? You were talking about yesterday? My nine year old is reading the Wong. The Wongs in is fire. And now I'm concerned because I thought it was suitable for kids. I don't know that one. It's called It's called tooth and claw. And I was one of the books that Bella had in her bedroom in the twilight sequel from Edwards, Point of view, called Midnight Sun and It's it.

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