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We want to remind everyone again that the big event coming up in the Omni will be on Sunday, February the 7th, 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and the Omni here in Atlanta. Remember it's a Sunday afternoon, 3 p.m. start in the Omni. Now the card has not yet been finalized, but I'm going to tell you what I know on the event. Big van Bader will defend the WCW World's heavyweight championship in the Omni on Sunday afternoon, February the 7th. Also, sting will go one on one with Paul orndorff, and I understand by just a rumor. I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but I understand that Medusa may accompany Paul orndorff to ringside, which could be an interesting situation. Plus, a 6 man elimination tag team match has been inked as well when you lose a fall or a decision you must return to the locker room. Ricky steamboat, Shane Douglas, and Dustin Rhodes will meet flying Brian Pillman, stunning Steve Austin and Barry Windham. That should be a tremendous contest. Now those are only three of the main events that have been signed for Sunday, February 7th, 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the Omni, kids 14 and under. Tickets are only $2 worth of paid adult admission. You can call two four 9 6400 that's ticketmaster for more information and take its R available at all ticketmaster outlets for the Omni in Atlanta, a big afternoon event Sunday, February the 7th. We hope to see you there, and this portion of wrestling with Jim Ross is brought to you by the WCW magazine and we'll be right back. This is Michael PSAs with a fabulous fevers in baby when you're hot you're hot and the hottest thing going and talk radio today is wrestling with Jim Ross here on AF 7 50 WSB and if you think you're hot enough to handle it call 8 7 two zero 7 50 or one 800 WSB talk. Thank you very much, Michael Hayes and welcome back to the program, Jim Ross, along with cactus Jack live here in Atlanta. Thank you for being with us here. Our meteorologist, the world famous Kirk headlock Melissa, has said that tonight it will be cloudy with a slight chance of rain. He's hedging his bets, slight chance means it could or could not rain a low of 45° tomorrow cloudy with a 40% chance of rain, high of 62°. Right now it's 48° here on peachtree in Atlanta, and we thank you for being with us. This is a quick look at the upcoming WCW calendar. This Tuesday, WCW stars will be live in the Georgia mountain center in Gainesville, Georgia, 7 o'clock, is starting time on Tuesday night and Gainesville on Wednesday, WCW travels to the cradle of the confederacy, meaning Montgomery, Alabama, at the civic center, that'll be a 7 o'clock start in Montgomery. This coming Wednesday night. And then on Thursday, I have blairsville, Georgia, the old middle school on Thursday night, also Little Rock Arkansas, Barton coliseum, Friday night, and pell city, Alabama, at the civic center in pell city, Alabama on Friday night. These are benefit events in pell city and in Blair's world, Georgia, and then on Saturday tonight, Monroe, Louisiana, the civic center, and Albert and Georgia at the middle school gym that'll be on Saturday the 9th of January, and then one week from tonight, WCW will be in the Crescent city of New Orleans, Louisiana, downtown at the municipal auditorium, and then we'll be back at center stage here in Atlanta on Monday night January 11th for a national television taping of WCW Saturday night. Then of course we talked about the Milwaukee at Mecca on Wednesday, January 13th, Hammond, Indiana, on the 14th, and haleyville, Alabama on the 14th, Portland, Indiana, and Coleman, Alabama, on the 15th, Detroit, Michigan, kobo arena on the 16th of January, canton, Ohio, at the civic center on the 17th of January, plus events coming up the next few weeks and now tuna, Pennsylvania, Springfield, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Norfolk, Virginia, Winston Salem, North Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, milledgeville, Georgia, Dublin, Georgia, white, Georgia, waycross, George my gosh, we're all over the world here, Anderson, South Carolina, and Altoona PA at the Jaffa temple, all those events coming up and we'll be happy to pass any of that information along to you. Here on the program and we'll hit these dates again a little bit later in the broadcast. As I said, we're here with cactus Jack in our studios here in Atlanta. We're going to be taking your telephone calls 8 7 two zero 7 51 800 WSB talk all the lines are blinking again and we are going to get as many owners we can as we said and we're going to talk to Steven in stockbridge. Stephen you're in rest of the Jim Ross and cactus Jack. Uh, I'm not asking who on the king of cable might just arcade. The king of cable matches starrcade was one by sting. He defeated big van Vader and cactus. He used some very unique strategy. He almost, it seemed as if he wanted to extend the Vader to perhaps, let him punch himself out. I heard the analogy kind of like Muhammad Ali and George Foreman and Zaire, Africa where George Foreman just literally punched himself out and had nothing left. I don't think it was a case of big van Vader having nothing left. I think it was just a case of sting having a little bit more. He said he went out before the match and said that he was going to tire van Vader out and that's exactly what he did. I was speaking to you before when I said on a firsthand basis that was one of the top 5 matches ever seen in my life. So it leads me to ask, what kind of wars are these two going to have when it's no longer the king of cable on the line, but the world's heavyweight champion? Very good point. Steven, thanks for your call. Let's talk to Frank in Atlanta, Frank. You're in wrestling with Jim Ross and cactus Jack and thanks for calling. Hey, Jim, I've got two quick questions. Okay. First of all, what is Brent? Why is Poland or coming out of retirement? Well, he's not coming out of retirement like in the last few months. Paul's been resting quite a great deal. I think up in smoky mountain wrestling and he's been doing some other independent circuits in that type thing. So he decided to make another run at it and even though Paul is about, you know, I'm 41 today as a matter of fact. Thank you. And I live that long. I said, it's amazing. But he keeps himself in great shape. I really believe that the guys got a lot of competitiveness left in him. And I think the guy could be a major player here in WCW if he could stay healthy. Great, secondly, Jack. I have to check. I think you could be translated. You know I made that about four months ago in van Vader or 6 months ago in van Vader was the heavyweight champion of the world. I said, now wouldn't that be an interesting match? Do immovable object against the or the immovable force against the unstoppable object? I think it would be a matchmaker's dream. No, I'm not quite sure I'd have to go home and really think about ways to beat van Vader because to tell you the truth in my mind, there is none coming to it. But I certainly welcome the chance. I just hope I'm working hard to try to get enough wins under my belt to be considered. Frankly, appreciate your call tonight and thank you very much here on the program. Let's talk to David in ostell. David you're on wrestling with Jim Ross and cactus Jack. Thanks for holding. Hey, Jim. How you doing? Good. Happy birthday. Well, thank you. How are you, cactus? Good. All right, Jim. I got a couple of quick comments here. Okay. I just like to tell you that I was lucky enough to have front row seats for starrcade. All good. The crew treated the fans really good? On that event. And the wrestling was exceptional. Yeah, some of those golden circle tickets, huh? Yes, sir. Good day, well, those were choice seats, and I was envious. If I guarantee you if I was a fan, that's where I would have wanted to set if I could if that was. They had a VIP party for the fans, where you could get autographs from some of the superstars. Good deal. But Jim, what I call about is I'm really mad about this situation with arn Anderson.

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