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As you may have guessed I'm talking to Caryn Ganz ties. Pop Music Editor. I would say we probably spend six to eight hours a day talking. So you're really just getting a little glimmer glimmer. The behind the scenes of what's really cracking. Which apparently is eggs? Eggs are really cracking Karen duly back. I'm also not convinced duly ever really went away. That's like we're going to get to that. 'cause that's going on my mind a little bit over the last two weeks and especially reading your story and thinking back to kind of like Mike Personal Art with listening to duly Not totally sure she ever. While wet anyway albums call future nostalgia for second record extremely naive eight mid to late eighties. Mid Nineties Club Post disco dance music happening very relentlessly upbeat record. You talked to her. And say listen seventies in there too low seventies okay. You spoke to her and now I know you had been sort of thinking about talking to her. Then obviously everything that's been going on in the last four weeks complicated the circumstance so maybe take us through the pre story part both insider part of the podcast. We're dues will rear for. Yeah I enjoy that. I will say the song that we opened with. Don't start now. Was My number one song of last year. It came out Halloween night. Ish is a really great song that's on came out. I was like oh SAS veteran. Put that on playing. I supported that and you out. I was like duly is going for it. I am here for this. I'm really into it. Lady Gaga is probably freaking out right now because somebody's coming forward. I started planning that I was going to try to do the story so that was like four months ago five months ago. And what is the it before he just qualify a little bit? What is the IT? Yes what is that because it's very. I think it's very specific. Glittery maximalist fun dance music. Get the gay audience very engaged and excited and the audience at large as well. But you know these gay. Thanks you can. You can enjoy this to John if you want. I Care I was. I started talking to her about this. I really want to do it and there was plans for me to go to London and it was like it was the last week. February and I was about to book a flight to London and I was like my mom is going to get really upset if I book a fight to London right now. I don't think I should do this so she was coming to New York to do Saturday night. Live on March twenty eighth so the plan was all right. We'll do this when she's in New York and then as March start to tick by became clear that that was not going to happen either and that time period again you know not to be all like oral history of three weeks ago but that was the time stretch where like literally every day a new completely nuts thing was shutting down or going. You know it was yeah. We started to work from home. I started work from Home March eleventh. That day I decided March eleventh. I was like I don't think the stories happening. I'm really bummed out what to do. And then I will say that Duly team was very positive. And they're like no this is happening. She's coming to New York. We're GONNA do this and I can't remember what it was clear that she was not going to travel here but she was extremely accommodating and we did to facetime interviews that ended up being on emotional as one very high one a very low while. I was preparing to talk to her. The album leaked and it was a quick leak. It was over the weekend. I think they got some of the links taken down but when it leads. She made the decision that she was going to release it a week early so it was gonNA come out April third and she put it out March twenty seventh right and now obviously kind of being in the middle of the global crisis in a weird way. Actually not that. A leak is ever a good thing necessarily but the record was done. There's really no in my mind. I remember we talked about. I was like this kind of no difference between them putting it out this week or next week. Like it's if if if it's already out there circulating in these kind of informal channels like just help you press the gap. I think they I think they were deciding whether or not to move it to the summer pumped out another single or two. I mean just a side note. I think the album is fantastic in the stocked with singles. I don't think it would have been challenging for them to stick another single out and for people like it. The decision was sort of made for them and they went with it so she went on instagram. Live that Monday to tell people that it was coming out and she was super emotional and crying and I was watching it and I was really struck by how genuine she was especially because she started out for the first like six minutes. She didn't talk about the album at all she just spoke about. Please stay inside concerns about the pandemic concerned about people's health and then she's like you know. Obviously I have to discuss. My album is gonNA come out Friday. She answered some Fan questions that were pretty entertaining and then I spoke to her couple of hours later and she seemed calmer. But you know until I listened back to the audio. Her tone was so different between Monday which was a sort of Sambre Day and Friday which was released when she intense relief and joy. The reviews were extremely positive. She was just like between your two conversations between her instagram. Live and your conversation between your instagram live was extremely somber Gal. She was really going through it. She was composed at articulate yet bummed when she talked me Monday and Friday. She was like not GonNa say jubilant because I don't think anyone's do glint during the pandemic but she was like the sense of relief. I mean just listening to the audio. It's like you're talking to a different person so they sort of dove inside. Well let's make you know. Let's make lemonade out of this kind of lemony situation. Right and also a thing that you play on your story which I thought was funny is in the kind of one point. Zero moment of quarantine memes. Some people took some Old Dua lyrics and mates quarantine means out of them right. Yes which is very entertaining. Kind of it's like you. I mean look. I don't know if they just hired some Mike Marketing Agency to make those means but like presuming that they were organic and Fan. Based if you know people care and that they're paying attention okay. Great I'd say dive in the pool so they dove in the pool. Tell me about what? Your vibe is on future nostalgic compared to the first record I record also had a bunch of singles on it also very up. Tell me what you think. She's doing differently this time. The first album really did feel like a first album. And we we all know how the pop machine works. You have a gifted person and you're not really sure they might know what they want. Sound to be something like Dua is extremely driven and has a strong perspective. She knew what she wanted to sound like very early on. But that doesn't mean you get to make every record that you wanna make. I'm sorry trish bells tolling. Songwriting hurt again. I WANT TO REMIND EVERYBODY. Verite podcast. Karen's on her couch. I presume I'm in my office. All right it's very young church value. You got a church bell if I get the guy who's been blasting the young Ma and the Jada outside my window so be it. That's where we're at okay. But the first record I mean. It's it's definitely filled with very successful singles and a lot of them are very good songs. But when you listen to it as a full record you know. It's not like an album album. You don't listen to it. And thank all right cohesive statement you know. I know exactly who this person is. I think she would say the same thing. She worked at a of different songwriters and producers. Trying to figure out where to go. Yeah trying to arrive at the thing whatever that was trying to arrive at and she got the thing I mean she got somewhere she has. There's hits on that album and the irony. I didn't have room for this story because it wasn't that important. But she had a CO writing credit on every single song except for the Smash Urals. Yes let's play a little bit of that just to remind people yeah yeah. Let's let's hear a little bit of new rules. The countdown part..

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