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Texas Street. I've never I've got a couple dogs never been to a dog park. Have you know? It depends on I had a big baby of a dog. So I got beat up. Yeah, but Albert was telling us the dog park is the new tender. Oh, yes, Single man, go to the dog Park because there's a lot of ladies there and you've got your pickings all right on. And if you're ugly, rich guy than that, they love you. The new study that says we need to get a dog park that new studio. S O. Emily Wilder was hired as a reporter for The Associated Press and and they fired her. Okay. Um, apparently in her previous life, she wrote a number of tweets of advocating the Palestinian people. She was clearly an advocate for the Palestinian side and she was reporting on this issue and she got let go is AP said. You've been showing obvious bias, right? I'll let you go. And she couldn't quite figure out why she was like this is a struggle for young journalists. And you know, I'm enter a few of them. It's a struggle. It's like it's like with corporations. How much do you wade into social justice issues? As a journalist, you know, where are where are some of them? Feel compelled like they have to know that they need to hear The Associated Press. Can you have her as a reporter? Well, No, I mean she's not objective. It's a different It's a whole like journalism has gone through such a generational change. And we could talk about that forever. But I mean, you and I were trained a different way. We're trained to different way way. That's right. I guess we gotta leave it there. Talk about how you saved money. Okay? All right. I love that. I know when we got some really good ideas on that one. Cable news. It's hour after hour of people talking.

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