President Trump, Hillary Clinton, James Alanthea discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


What else does they've access as americans who are working hard every day to sports their families and and also protect this country what is the problem the problem is uh the d was said by donald trump exacts that was the end it was just the fact that he senate didn't president obama make comments about our own country i he made comments about okay oh yeah absolutely and and you know i i don't remember the left getting all upset when hillary clinton called half of trump supporters of basket of deplorables and irredeemable k i appreciate your call in the advances out on james alanthea's got a question about trump being presidential good morning vance houria pay today good what's up so you all the playbook for the democrats the main call coq people in the eye and it's always good for what we as republic they're what trump is doing it he's taken it's something out of their playbook and they can't stand it because it does it make them feel good because every decision democrats may is how it makes them feel right and you give your conservative republican owes you have no white took pete dole man or that's crazy so it's just i think that this is a terrible thing but trump is doing the right thing and i think that every conservative out there needs to start boyce opinion in telling people that are democrats that are long and they're did he gets perfect it the way it is and coq ten in the eye that's what gives i certainly for long long enough culinan bands thinking about a five five six twelve fifty is the number to be on the program this morning we're gonna find out i mean trump is denying he said those words so there you go nathan is out a goes creek how are you nathan good good what's up uh just kind of the sean points that uh the other scholars may about the immigration us um was i've talked has two people come up to the end um just so upset about um it uh president trump wants to spend uh back deal south story is no haitians not least people here on temporary disaster relief and i i mean.

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