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At Jimbo talks, and we're gonna be talking in this portion of the program a bit about those vaccine boosters and doing so with Dr Robert La Vita. He's also known as Dr Bob. He is a clinical professor of medicine at the Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School at position author And researcher and, uh Dr Bob Or whichever you prefer, Dr Lahiri to which do you prefer? Dr Bob would be great, Jim. All right. Very, very good. Doctor. Bob, tell me your thoughts about, uh, the great national discussion about these vaccine boosters. Well, I think the boosters are quite interesting, and I think it's based on data which may or may not be true. And the reason I say that is because it's really based on data that's incomplete. Mostly from Israel. The Israeli data really showed that immunity decreases over time, and that six months after the second vaccine shot in the case of those two messenger RNA Immunizations that six months after that, the neutralizing antibody. Those are the proteins against the viral, uh, despite protein that they decrease Amount Now. They did not look at cellular immunity, which is another arm of the immune system. And they found that the delta variant in particular this is in Israel now broke through the vaccinations. So they They said that the vaccine in Israel now helps when patients have bad disease over 60 years of age, and those with comorbidities like congestive heart failure, diabetes. Chronic obstructive lung disease. All these bad things, including obesity, by the way, where these patients have, like one leg under them, and they are bound not to do well when infected by the Delta virus. Especially if they are unvaccinated. But here the Israelis are talking about the vaccinated. So this created a storm of interest in the fact that and that we've heard criticism of fighter and criticism of more done it regarding those are the two messenger RNA vaccines. That's right, and them getting involved because they have a financial incentive, obviously to have a booster shot, so Israel is the first country to give booster shots. And this is a very interesting thing. Um, the 78% of the population of Israel is vaccinated so 58% of their citizens. Have received two of these vaccinations and, of course, people aged 12 to 20 for the most part, our deepest sea and have somewhat refused to be vaccinated and also refused to get a booster shot when in fact, those people Who got the first two shots are challenged and asked to take a third shot. So what we're being asked to do in this country is considered and boost your shot. Uh, September 20th. And right now I am told that the booster shot in. My patients have tested this because they're calling me every day asking me if it's an okay thing. The booster shot is available for those with bad co morbidity such as transplants. Auto immune diseases, those on cancer, chemotherapy and those in general who have co morbidity that would otherwise cause their death. So, so that's the state of the booster shot and then in a lump sum, I understand the booster shots are just another second dosage is if that's what I was told. That is to say the For example, the The third Moderna shot is identical to the second Moderna shot. Right, right. And basically it does exactly what you would expect it to do. It's not an altered vaccine that is directed specifically against the Delta variant. It is a second shot that is destined to boost what we in the sciences called adaptive immunity and adaptive immunity means your immune system's already recognizing the anti gym in this case. The Covid spike protein. So what you're doing is you're getting another zap to make your immune system perked up and the respond against the spike protein that the messenger RNA is coding for In your body. Is there going to be a need for 1/4 or fifth or sixth? Is this going to become like the annual flu shot? Well, I did say that about eight months ago, I thought that this virus would become endemic, and that means that the virus will be around with us forever. And if that's the case like influenza, it may change its coat dearly, and if it does alter its structure or its ability to cause or wreak havoc in the body. It may be that we will have to have an annual booster like we do the flu vaccine. So it it may become just an annual, uh Uh, pain in the neck, if you will. I mean we will be I mean, people. I mean, you know, you know the flu, I guess in this country really? The flu hit us really the hardest About a century ago. The The massive flu that was spread principally by soldiers returning from World War one. And since that time, we've been getting variations on that, and that's one thing about about viruses. They mutate very rapidly. In fact, I've heard the question debated whether or not viruses are actually alive. Are they just a very complicated molecule? Or are they a living organism? They're not a living organism as far as our definitions of what constitutes a living organism. These are particles and they're very interesting and so far as they use the human body and probably also animals like the pangolin and maybe the bat. To really, uh, develop and replicate. Now they replicate they cannot replicate by end of themselves without a host and the host in this case happens to be us. So the virus is a particle that gets in and uses the cell's machinery to make replication or copies of itself. One of the things that you have to remember. And I remember this when I was back in graduate school was the tobacco mosaic virus, which is one of the first viruses to be studied extensively by a guy named Wendell Stanley. He crystallized the virus. Now living things don't crystallize as a rule, but viruses and such can crystallize if enough mass is obtained. And the right conditions, so it is not alive. It's not like a bacterium or parasite or worm, or, you know some other organism that lives on or within us. It is a particle but a very nasty one and a very, very clever one. And it largely new tapes based on the fact that it inhabits people who have no immune response. Those who are unvaccinated for the most part 18665 Oh, Jimbo, are number 1866554626. I've heard people say things along the lines of well. Germs, viruses little tiny thing. Same same, and I've also heard people of greater knowledge. Say, Uh, if you're talking about size here than a germ is a battleship and a virus is a canoe. Yeah, that's right. Very well. Put. Your right and a germ meaning of bacteria is very large when you look at it and compare it next to a virus or very on as the official terminology is one Barry on You're right. It's a little microscopic. You can't even see it with the light microscope. You have to go to an electron microscope, which looks at being at 150,000 magnification. Bacterium. You can see under a light microscope. A parasite you can see under and you know, like a worm or an amoeba. You can see under a light microscope but a virus. You can stay with us more to come. 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626 boy who would have thought A year and a half ago. We'll be having topics like this. Well, we are and for obvious reasons. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, 1866554626 and more on vaccine booster shots, the just a moment. Broken bricks following fences damaged doors. Uh, gorilla glue. Of course, Gorilla Glue is incredibly strong, 100% waterproof and bonds virtually everything. Gorilla glue for the toughest jobs on planet Earth. I am looking forward to a playdate with my granddaughter, I I can't wait to get together with my friends for a backyard barbecue..

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