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Welcome hey i heard you mentioned with i've been suffering from vertigo in twice in the last probably two months or so i've had vertigo to the point of throwing up but it's but it's not like just in the last week so i'm thinking it's not like an ear infection and they say it's usually the inner ear can can do anything for a vertigo vertigo patients once every day probably every hour or so really okay all right and so it could be something that's kind of a structural for lack of a better way to put it that's perfect that's exactly what it is yep perfect okay for you thanks so much all right right let's see how we doing oh we got to go to break pretty soon so if you're still holding folks keep holding on we're going to get their promise you and so we're talking about headaches today and like we said before the like pat said a pinched nerve in the neck is by far the most common issue but start thinking about what you're doing it could be food sensitivities it could be something that you're exposing yourself to like i said for perfumes for me caused me to have problems so i gotta go to a break folks if you have a question numbers eight four four four four dr joe my website if you want to get dr joe super green dr jones essential source minimum amount of nutrients everybody should be taking them almost everyone and you give you give the kids if a kid can eat solid food mix it in there it's amazing to get those kids as nutrients get their brain.

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