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You know when you've been at a job for years at your annual review your boss gives the promotion to someone else like it went to the new hire of all people and when you try to talk to your boss he shut you out but wait a minute here me out. At and t. Here's you for a while now. They've been making sure that every customer both new and existing is being heard at. At and t. Everyone gets promoted to the best deals. Checkout smartphone pricing for everyone at att dot com forward slash. beth deals restrictions and exceptions may apply. People always ask me. How does your skin look so big. Well my skin reflects who i am. So i use vaseline lotion. It nourishes and moisturizes feels good. Your skin is your story. Tell it with bassolino. Switching to gyco is a good idea especially when you consider everything first off geico makes it easy to switch. They have licensed agents available twenty four seven online or over the phone. If it's so easy you might start thinking everything is easy even big wave surfing and it's not as actually quite difficult. Well if you switch to geico you could save hundreds on car insurance and you could keep saving by bundling your motorcycle and rv plus your home. Renter's insurance but saving money might lead you to make some questionable purchases like a twenty foot feather boa and do you know how hard it is to clean a twenty foot thorough. Well they do have an industry leading mobile app. You can use to pay your bill. Filer manager claim or. Add a new driver when life gets a little easier knicks. You confident and you start calling everyone. Ace your better well. Geico has a ninety seven percent customer satisfaction rating and has been saving people money for eighty five years. It's hard to beat that but the right switch to geico. It's obviously a good idea. All right steve. Introduce your boy gentlemen. Jay anthony brown. Thank you so much. Mr harvey question. Today i have to me. I'm just saying thank you thanks. I have two questions. Two sets of questions for two groups of people learn sets of question. The first question is to the men who have a nice head of hair a nice as head of hair but journey. The question is how how much forehead is allowed. I need a need to know how it you know if you have a nice set of nice grade of air. What's warhead that's four head that allowed without anybody saying anything and the reason is 'cause i'm seeing a lot of nightmare and a lot of huge forehead and on on minimum. I'm on men where he got to know. What's the he got his texans yet on today. So you case no say. Different people. Junior steve junior. Yeah there's some guys. I don't know but i'm not looking to over to see how far back they union juniors fan junior is not see. Your headline is back. Which will hey. It's this rep ridiculous. Well let me let me be. Let me be specific. Let me be put. That word is a commentator and one one is a comedian. People comedian on junior show. Sean asked steven naismith well. I'm going with who we all know who isn't talking about j. He said commentators say foam comedian. Far back is coming up with thirty four minutes after the hour. We'll have more morning show right after this. You're listening to morning show. The trevor project is the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for..

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