Twitter, Ryan Spree, President Trump discussed on Michael Medved


At eight hundred three she just died at one hundred three they leave behind children greatgrandchildren and and more and what a tribute to this great country meanwhile not such shum i don't know if it's great news or not i suspect it probably will be good news for the trump administration and for the country that though it's strange that he announced on on twitter why do that isn't that disrespectful to uh to ryan spree this the president sent out the first tweet he first said i would like to thank ryan's priebus for his service and dedication to his country we accomplished a lot together and i am proud of him and then next tweet i am pleased to announce to inform you that i have just named general secretary john f kelly as the white house chief of staff he is a great american and a great leader john is also done a spectacular job at homeland security he has been a true star of my administration that's true that's true we we will come back with your reactions on this i am i i think that general kelly is a fine choice and someone who will be widely respected by the way there's no senate confirmation on white house staff nor should there be so this dozen loom as a confirmation fight there could be a confirmation fight depending on who the president picks as a replacement for general kelly at the department of homeland security but ta today is the first day of the rest of your life trump administration a new head of the president's staff what's likely for that to mean and will also be reviewing atomic blonde a little bit later coming up on the at that show.

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