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He was a heroic leader I'm Dave Anthony fox news doesn't Iraq's prime minister said today about a militia commander who was killed along with the top around general on last week's airstrike hundreds of thousands gather in Iran for general Soleimani funeral they also chanted death to America he replaced it for so the money is mild Connie says Iran will fight to get the US out of Iraq and has also about the American forces in the region there are concerns tonight in Baghdad that are running back a rocky Shia militias could target some of these US related space isn't fox's trading stay in Baghdad president drums warned of more strikes which Democrats don't like foxes Rachel Sutherlin live in Washington the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and senator Bob Menendez wrote a letter to the president calling for the immediate declassification of the war powers of vacations at the Congress counselor to the president Killian Conway told fox and friends leaders are playing politics they know better they know that beginning this week there will be congressional briefings and they're not restricted president trump is threatening a disproportionate response of Iran strikes American targets our lives house Democrats plan to move this week to try to limit the president's military action towards Iran Dave Rachel Democrats running for president of also been critical new CBS poll has Bernie Sanders Joe Biden people to judge in a three way tie in Iowa less than a month before the first contest there are the winds dean is told fox news been emailing expects to be fully exonerated in the one trial stemming from numerous sexual misconduct allegations answering questions by the email the excel would producer due in court today jury selection starts tomorrow in New York Weinstein is facing five charges including rape and sexual assault against two women and has pleaded not guilty to all of them he has been free on a million dollars bail which was recently raised to five million if convicted one scene could get a life sentence on fox's Tonya Jeff hours America's listening to fox news continues with one oh six one F. M. talk thousands of troops from Fort Bragg or deploying to the Middle East as tension in the region continues to build close to three thousand troops from the eighty second airborne division were deployed Saturday in response to increased threat levels against US personnel in the region this follows last week's killing of Iran's top military commander by a US airstrike in Baghdad a manhunt is underway in Durham for several suspects wanted in connection to a fatal shooting a man was found a gun down in a car overnight on gray Avenue a seven year old child is in critical condition after a crash in Guilford county it happened Saturday on Harlow Dr troopers say an F. two fifty crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a Toyota Camry had on a nine year old was also injured suffered minor injuries charges are pending the cause of a small plane crash is being investigated in Rutherford county the aircraft went down in the woods after leaving a Hendersonville airport Sunday afternoon one adult and three juveniles were taken to hospitals witnesses told emergency officials the plane went into a spin before crashing I Norfolk southern train collided with a car last night in Kerry terrifying I saw what was happening when side called for someone to go get help a B. C. eleven reports the driver was able to escape before impact the car was dragged about a quarter of a mile down the tracts under investigation the hurricanes dropped another at home Sunday their second loss in a row they lost to Tampa Bay three one is coach rod Brenda more we were ready to fly and in the end the day two thirds or we didn't do anything cash back doing the homestand continues tomorrow against Philadelphia college ball returns Wednesday second ranked Duke visits Georgia tech home games for others NC state takes on Notre Dame Wake Forest welcomes Florida state you in C. entertain spit again that's all Wednesday with continuing news updates from around the state I'm Kyle Wilson quick.

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