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Update. Like many folks, you may be dealing with Covad fatigue at this point, fed up with having to stay inside trying to do the right thing. And perhaps even giving up your holidays with family and friends. But people in hospitals and ers are pleading. Please keep it up. Dr Mark Morocco is a position in L, A and a professor of emergency medicine. You know, we are literally fatigued to the point of breaking, trying to get ahead of this code experience and defined that some of our patients are so complicated and so contrary that they are doing things that are Hard for us to put our heads around. And so we get frustrated with a little angry, he told kcrw's greater L. A. He completely understands the urge to gather with family and friends. He wishes he could have visited his elderly parents in Pittsburgh. For Thanksgiving. You realize that? Yeah, You're right. You just could be the last Thanksgiving, but you have to reflect forward and think. What if I am the vector that gives them that disease and that they may or may not survive? According to the Public Health Department. There are currently more than 1800 people hospitalized in L. A county. With covert 19. You're listening to KCRW. KCRW. Thanks. The Annenberg Foundation focused on addressing critical issues for more than 30 years through innovation, community, compassion and communications more at Annenberg dot Award. Hey, I'm Anthony Valadez. I'm here to tell you you've got this. There's gonna be light at the end of the tunnel, No doubt, but for now we have to double down to keep people safe whenever possible. Just stay home. Cuddled up with your pets Snuggle with your boo. Why did your plants be creative? Read a book. Whatever, sparks joy. Just keep it close to home. Be well and be safe and stay tuned to KCRW. Well, if you're looking to walk off, so that Thanksgiving dinner this.

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