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Welcome Our two of the program. Still, hundreds killed the number 410 Wcbm 6 80 or 1 800 Wcbm 6 80 Is talking about John Lewis. A lot of e mails about this, too. And the president being asked, What do you think his legacy is going to really have no idea. It's not something I spent a whole lot of time thinking about and it shouldn't be. This legacy is going to be his legacy. All right. Right now. I guarantee you that publishers in New York have signed at least three people to write biographies of John Lewis. I guarantee it least three And there'll be plenty written about gun Lewis and his legacy will be whatever his legacy is, but ultimately he was a backbench member of Congress that you know. His civil rights work will be remembered. But in general 20 years if not 10 years, most people won't remember the name John John Lewis is Oh, yeah, that will be the most common response Should his name ever come up because that's the most common response whenever any old member of Congress who's passed away or even just retired. Comes up. The district I grew up in was now represented by receded believe, God forbid, but before that, before they redrew the district, it was status McCotter. You remember the name fattest McCotter Only because the name fatty ISS is not Super comment. Not too many Fatties is walking around. And I know that isthe McCotter. It's like knowing a jebediah and not too many of them rocket around since the Civil war. So when you hear that, you get it, But what is the legacy of that is makana of you did grow up. Living in the district where I grew up in somebody named Deke. It's too before that. I think you have no idea. Who? Well, let's his legacy going to be. I have no idea. Is it going to be Patty's MacArthur's legacy going to be quoted Led Zeppelin on the floor of the House of Representatives? Maybe. Or, more likely, it will be that most people won't remember Thadeus McCotter. Let's let's go to Joyce in Baltimore. Thanks for holding Joyce. Welcome to the show. Well, I didn't know it was the rocks. Birthday today. Happy birthday. He's listening, Teo. I'm sure. Well, I've never really aware of John Lewis. The marriage pact. I used to get him mixed up with some One, the one from Baltimore. Elijah Cummings. Yeah, used those to mix up, but So John Lewis. He died on July 17th and one with normal July. It was last week, which one he had six memorial services across three states. Well, President Kennedy And great school when he was assassinated. November 22nd by November 26. Everybody was his funeral was 25th and we were all backto work in school on the 26 I didn't get any counselors or Greece. People come in, and and I turned out just fine. And will you listen to this show, so you can't write that? Well and then Martin Luther King. I think he was Assassinated on the fourth of April 1968. He was buried under nine And then, Bobby. I want to see his funeral train. I was one of the people I saw Ted Kennedy up close. On the back of that funeral train. But again, Joyce, If you talk to somebody in their thirties, they'll know the name Bobby Kennedy. We won't really know anything about Bobby Kennedy. Other than he was. He was the president's brother or whatever they want. I know is they might know about, you know his womanizing they might know about the corruption of having a brother be attorney General of the United States, but name anybody who served with Bobby Kennedy in the United States Senate. The only reason we know about Kennedy is because Kennedy's have been crammed down our throats by the media for 50 plus years old camel lines against its 60 years. Camelot. This and all their wonderful It was so idyllic and realistically, they were terrible people. But let me say this at the time in 1968 He was a prominent figure He was running for president. He was assassinated on the six is in the ground by the eight And everybody you know was You know he wants the president's brother. And so everybody didn't know who he wass and he came on his. They blow his body all the way from California. They laid him out. It's Patrick's cathedral and then put him on a train. To go to Arlington, and he was in the ground in two days. So I'm just saying, Well, there wasn't a 24 hour news cable cable news channels. They really drag this thing out, and it's all because of that. What? You know everything that's happening now that they I think they exploited that and just Sure it dragged it out. Democrats Carol waiting tragedy and sadness and death. Joyce. That's not the Democratic Party. I know. Oh, wait. It actually is. I appreciate the call Joyce Point Well, made the idea that you're sitting there and you're watching some, You know, family members, you know, friends, or you know somebody Who's lost a family member in the last six months and wasn't able to have a memorial or you gonna have 10 people there. Imagine being the one that says You can't go to Grandma's funeral because we can't have more than 10 people There can't go to her memorial service, and you just didn't make the cut. Sorry about that. Oh, by the way, flip on the TV, And there's Memorial Service number five for John Lewis. A couple of 100 people in a church, The mayor of Washington, D. C. Imposes restrictions on mere mortals that says, if you go toe a hot spot In the country. You have to isolate yourself. You have to self quarantine for 14 days when you return. And along those hot spots is Georgia. Atlanta is in Georgia. John Lewis, his final memorial service was at a church in Atlanta. A bunch of Democrats went down there. So what does the mayor of Washington D? C? She says, you don't have to isolate for 14 days. Democrats when you come back Why It's the same mentality that is out there with. Well, you you can't go to church. You can't go to a restaurant. You can't go anywhere. You can't do anything except if you want to take to the streets and riot. Then you don't have to wear a mask. You don't have to worry about anything. If you're out there, chanting for for justice or defunding the police, then find those restrictions Don't apply last night Los Angeles That was a live stream of this online. There was a house party, they said up in a mansion in the hills of Hollywood or wherever something is a big, big house, and they had the traffic copter up there getting aerial shots of this house. You know quite a few people. A huge house is a mansion. In a gated community. But they're having people over. The police were dispatched to end that party. It must be stopped. Don't you understand? There's a pandemic going on. If they'd have just thrown up a couple of justice for George Floyd signs. And maybe said, a fire pit up then they could have said We're legitimately out here protesting in the police would have said OK, good job. Congratulations. You're allowed to keep going. It's the hypocrisy that drives me nuts. It's the hypocrisy that is damaging. You want to go to John Lewis's funeral? Fine. He just was laying in state down the hall from your office, by the way..

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