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With your host common taxes. Talking to poon remember pepe. remember me. we were talking. We'd like continue the conversation now pat. We might only get to talk for ten minutes here And then we're going to talk to some other friends for the rest of the program. But i i want to just keep talking you and we'll run this whole program next week You thanks for taking your your glasses off. Because i want to see your eyes you say okay. You're telling us telling a whole bunch of stories. I wanna make sure we go back to the second royal command performance for the queen now. I don't remember what we were just talking about. Did we miss something where we're going to finish something. You were talking about elvis. You're talking about graduating from columbia talking about being in new york. I think we're good. I wanna talk to you frank sinatra but right. Now let's go back to the queen of england so the second time she's still queen and she's still going today some people say yes she definitely is. Yes mazing mazing. So and prince. Philip has has left her side. Yeah but anything. She was still young looking in. This was only like four years after the first time till nineteen sixty one ish. I think it was sixty one. You're right and and as another royal command performance. I don't think it was my movie. Excuse me but i think it was west side story. I'm not sure. But it was a major royal command performance. And and so i. I was an old hand now and i knew i could handle it and so i'm ready to be in that long line after the now before you say this i just gotta ask questions. The first time who else was in the lines. Four thousand nine hundred fifty seven. It's you rex harrison harrison and. I can't remember who the other there was. A harry seacombe. I know who. Harry sika ms. Yes yes. I'm a student of comedy. I know who harry secrets. While all full and people like that. I mean a potpourri of south of there was a young famous actress but i can't remember her name. So there was a a an array english other performers. And i think i was the only american now. The second time i'm i'm feeling kind of blase about it. I'm dressed appropriately and and And and i can tell the other actors including peter sellars. Peter finch claudia carter now and the others are all fluttering named peter sellars. Peter finch is this the old the old goon squad the goons. That's that's peter. Seacombe seacombe harry seacombe and peter sellers. These the goons these are. These are people who preceded monty python by. You know fifteen years twenty years or some. You know what. I'm telling you. Now about peter finch peter sellars. Florida cardinal was my second royal command performance and i was feeling You know blase. Because i can tell how nervous they were about the queen's going to come in any minute and the prince philip and princess or they're gonna come down this aisle like before. I'd experienced that already. I knew of supposed to say bye your majesty. And she extends her hand. I'll extend mind otherwise here. What she says responded and she moves on. So what's the big deal. She just a woman. I'm already ready ready. For what what you're gonna say now. I'm uncomfortable trying to anticipate the mowing are d. Say hey toots. What's up or something i don't know what. What did you do worse. Because i'm looking down. The line here comes the queen. Here comes the royal family. And i'm feeling sorry for her annoying she's having to run this gauntlet and and niceties with people and some of whom she may have seen before many have not some who she knows who they are. Maybe she's been briefed. But i know it's tough on her now. I see her with peter sellers and they have a nice little bit of a chat and then cloudy card. Peter finch is on the other side of me and now i'm starting to get fluttering reminding. Okay let's see. Bow your majesty. Don't extend my hand unless she. She extends hers and sunday. She standing in front of me. And i say your majesty and she extends her hand and she said we met before. I said we did was joke though we did. I mean you remember but it was out. I said we did like when was that queenie winded. We meet before. When was that. I mean you imagined my embarrassment. When she says in fact her face began to twitch a little bit which. I took to be like a nervous reaction to the listen. Let's be honest with my audience. You might have been beheaded. Let's be honest. who's only god's providence. That averted that you listen. She must i mean. That's jake very funny. That's very funny. It's and london paper. Have a picture of me standing in front of her with her smiling and me with this shocked. Look on my face because i just did the inexpressible we did. We met before. But i immediately. I'm me i i mean i. I didn't think you would remember of course then game of clustering idiot and she's smiling and you can see the look on. My face is one of shock There was nobody grabbing the my handkerchief outta pocket after the thing but that to me is the most embarrassing moment of my life. How how can it be more marissa. I think you're pretty lucky if the most embarrassing moment of your life. I think you've done just as well. You met the queen of england as we met before. And i say we did. You don't think that she thought of it may be that you're joking or you're so straight that you don't joke. I explained it quickly. I said oh. I meant to say i explained it to her. I meant i didn't think you would remember. I have had similar embarrassing experiences with likes of woody allen and others. I won't tell them about that on this program but i know what that horrible moment is like when you're so flustered. That is just awful. So we're just going to move on charge. You thought you were so ready and suddenly you come apart exactly. That's exactly well look you. We were talking earlier about your friendship with elvis. And and how you proceeded him in terms of being you know the heartthrob teen heartthrob and before you. Of course there was frank sinatra. So did you ever know frank sinatra. Oh yeah quite well. I think i certainly played his golf tournament. Many years and then and then i was asked to sing at some of the events as i did for being crossed we at the bing crosby tournaments for eighteen years so yeah as a singer and they accepted me in fact both being and frank made the same statement about me which i thought his still think is odd but i understand it I was singing rock and roll. They didn't like rock and roll. I was singing rhythm-and-blues it was called race. Music and making pop hits of songs that were only known in one genre of music rhythm and blues and they had no regard for it at all and and also. I was singing ballads on my tv show by now and frank and being both had heard me saying love ballots and other kinds of songs from whatever. Whatever you put in front of me would sing. And so they both made the statement. They thought pat. Boone was the great white hope. The great white hope. Yeah now that might be incorrect for them to say today. What what they were referring to was pat boone. Maybe save music from our and rock and roll because this was their their feelings about what i was doing musically at least having hit records and the whole genre of music that was coming on so strong which they did not identify with a wannabe. Any part of frank and being right. Well i got to know them both well and they were very kind and complimentary to me and then of course Frank succumbed eventually by recording a song with dagmar call mama. Don't mama don't bark about it..

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