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A group because you know I consider myself a musician. I entertain a second and a lot of times. The reviews of the group were another group was was a great show and the music was okay at bothered me because I consider myself a good guitar player when people would say the group is just an average musical band but visually we're one of the top the advocacy groups in the world. That bothered me. I was voted fourth in the world by guitar world. That says something even though I never took a lesson. I can't read a note and I think Paul Gina level devoted The fact they weren't even on the ballot If it's funny that you mention that because the one time that I saw kiss I think was in seventy four seventy five and I don't remember a note of the music but I do remember some of the show. That's one of the the drawbacks of it. Everything takes second place to Spitting blood and fire and all that kind of stuff though evenings. When I didn't drink and I wasn't his animated on stage. I was a lot more accurate with my plane and then the other nights when I got kind of loaded and you know running around the stage and played sloppy people. Call me and say well you play great tonight and the nights where I wasn't as animated but I played better. They would say we have a bad night kind of shows you. What KISS OFF Was this show. I music second. That's how K. I wanted more and I think my album since I left. Kiss show growth and show that Miami accomplished musician with other reasons that you left. Besides besides Allah there was friction between me people and chain. There are a lot of reasons. I don't know if you read the article in Qatar in Qatar world. Where I'm on the cover with the snake from skid row and Daryl from again Tara. You've got a good handle on. Why after about twenty reasons? Why life is that a current issue or for it was it was at about maybe six months ago it was one of the biggest sellers if not their biggest Iraq. All this crazy roller coaster ride. Do you have any relationship with those guys now? I'm good friends with Peter. I just finish playing three guitar. Solos on his new CD. Recently I spoke to pull on chain on a conference call. We've kind of buried the hatchet and it was a nice phone call. I Apologize Acquitting Group Gene. Sent to me. Wow you sound different. I said well because I'm not drunk. Who knows what will happen in the future. Would you consider going back with them in some capacity that's up to them say on the name and They'd have to approach me if it was Should I say it was offered to me in the proper way and it was a fair deal. I would seriously consider it a. Lotta people say that the guys that they've gotten since have been maybe technically more accomplished than you but the emotion and the the licks are. I mean. They can't touch you for that. I don't know if you've listened to kiss Since you left but do you have any sense of that is that is that an accurate rethink Bruce culet because an excellent Kotov player tactically. Probably better than me so a lot of other guitar plays as you said when you play something more than technicality that people judge physicians by its emotion and found how fast you can play. Ital- you know how you play. Some guy can play an a four bar for Bar Solo Andrea notes whereas one Guy Compla- five notes and the Cella with the five note. Sounds better why because it has feeling I consider myself a blues rock APO- player. I was a big fan of bb King Albert chain. Freddie King I learned from those guys Eric Clapton and I think some of the Best Solos of the souls that you can You can remember it's hard to Thirty second notes so I think it got my point. Tell me about The artwork that you do it sort of explained in the bio but not completely. My second love is computer graphics for the past two or three years. I've been seriously involved with computer. Graphics is my. That's my second love last year. I did a show gallery or display was sixteen or eighteen pieces of my work in this spring. Planning a show in New York to this place on my work. Most getting involved with animation digital video. And you know how to of play with it and Special Effects I have about a fifty thousand dollars system. What are your Solo concerts lack? Imagine they're nothing like kiss? Kiss my soul solo concert when you play here. What what is your show like my band. Yeah I'll have you heard amy albums. Yeah not for a while but I heard them when they came out. Sure Well My. My style hasn't changed very much from the style of kiss. You know I play with Kisa ten years and basically for my style the same. I'm just a hard rock guitar player. This show That I'm performing now a lot of votes kiss songs and allowed my favorites. I think it saw songs. My facts on. No that's my other a lot of sexual will we you retire. We were interrupted. You were you were telling me about the Basically playing hard rock the band. Yes yeah the fans will have I. It somewhat a kiss. I think we're better than kiss. Play kiss songs better than kiss? Plays Kiss songs. All out of the songs in the set consists of CA- songs but also stuff. I've done since I left kiss. What are some of your kiss favorites to Detroit? Rock city called Chen which I rode snow. Blind myself a while while I was GonNa Kiss You. Know groove parasite. That's pretty good list. Do you miss the The big show big stage ways homes. As pro one of my favorite guitars fact the lead singer from Skid Row Sebastian. Bach told me just listened to the Solo in strange ways right before he went on stage just to get fired up. That's amazing how many people leave you affect you missed the big stages big shows big crowds the home rockstar thing do I. Miss Arenas yes and now. I miss the money As far as playing small smaller venues. Actually I enjoy them more when you when you play the bigger rain as you got that big barricades became even touch the fans you know. They usually at least ten feet away from the edges stage whereas when you're playing you know thousand fifteen hundred seat arena usually have the ability to touch you fans. So they're actually. It's a little more intimate. It's more fun for me even though it's not as profitable specialty. I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing because I enjoy performing and I wanNA continue to perform. What do you think of bands like structure and all these other kiss tribute band? I'm very flattered that goofs emulate kiss obviously there the fact that there's so many out there obviously there's a market for it may be one day they will be reunion along gene. You know decide to get smart and cash in on it but as between those guys you said you talked to them on on a conference call was that initiated by you or by them that was initiated by our attorneys because we had some business that needs to be discussed. Nothing to do with Chris Reunion. People have asked me to ask you. This is your image is still on a lot of t shirts that are around and all that that are being sold brand new now are you. guess puts those out Do you own your own image. No I don't come him. That can't be easy to take. That'd be very difficult to look and I can. You know designed something It's a somebody else owns it. Big Deal is FIS. Our contracts are concerned. Nobody else can wear my makeup words. If let's say kiss decide to kiss reunion without me. They wouldn't be allowed to do that. It wouldn't be allowed to dress somebody else up as as fairly or they did a Broadway show like beetle mania. That wouldn't be allowed to do legally but they can't put your face on t shirts. They care a big deal. They could just pets. Perpetuates the myth of the group and If they're putting my face on t shirts obviously they're doing it for a reason and I think it begins with the word ammunition and the word. Why well you take pretty well. Guess what else can I do? I'm I'm really happy with the Group. A half now on guitar. Richie scarlet helping me out avenue. Bass player called Saul Nanna Essay. You well zeal. Nasa a banana with. Oh and on drums. Steve Warner and moral from the metropolitan area. The New York area and It's a great lineup to Gupta's really kick-ass span than I'm having more fun now playing with these guys and I've ever had so I'm going to continue to do so. Probably get bored. Get bored I'll I'll do computer graphics.

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