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A week called 6502359777. Tribal. We've a studio in Burlingame. Here's what's happening in the Bay Area in California. High fire danger continues with high temperatures and windy conditions, but the good news is there is rain in the forecast, National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Garcia tells us there will be very low humidity, and that is part of the reason for the red flag warning through early tomorrow morning. So mix of that, with the potential for wind as well as very dry, susceptible fuels necessitates a red flag warning for a lot of our area. In addition to that, we continue to have a heat advisory out for today, Garcia says. The winds will calm down and the temperatures will drop. But smoke could hang around well into next week. The haze will start to move out, though, when a cold front moves in. So we're looking at the potential of some rainfall this time next week or even ah, A week from Saturday. So that's going to be when the smoke really kind of moved out when we get the rings, Garcia adds. Rain is expected to hit the entire Bay area when it comes. Airbnb will prohibit one night rebels over Halloween weekend as part of its ongoing effort to crack down on party houses. Action comes nearly a year after a deadly shooting at an Airbnb in Orinda. Five people were killed during an unauthorized Halloween party. Their Airbnb says It'll ban one night rentals of entire homes in the U. S and Canada on October 30 and 31st. Leaders today took the wraps off a unique, affordable housing projects rattling the Oakland Emeryville border. Australia.

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