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Homes dot com. W GOP A 10 38 back to read a Kessler in the W T O P traffic center in Virginia. We have a slight delay on North Bound 95 trying head from 16 Garrison Ville rode into Quantico Watch for any work set up taking Elaine. After that, it looks good into Springfield on the 3 95 2 and across the 14th Street Bridge, eastbound and westbound 66. No major delays things. Also looking good along the George Washington Parkway, now in Maryland, on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Delays out of green Belt to powder Mill Road. This is the mobile debris cleanup crew moving along the right side of the roadway. They're going ahead all the way up to 1 75 before either turning around are calling it a day South bound to 70 is a trouble point again out of her. Bana headed past 109. This is the mobile crew are actually the stationary work crew, but just a single right lane Get you by the work zone north time in the local lanes. It falls road. There's work set up with a single lane getting by, but not seeing a huge backup at the moment getting across the Bay Bridge or the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. There are wind warnings in effect. This does not carry any vehicle restrictions, but it is still something to keep in mind in the district inbound on the Douglas Bridge, the right lane was blocked with work. We still have the major backup on North on I 2 95 headed toward joint base, Anacostia, Bolling and Malcolm X Avenue Watch for work taking Elaine On the Beltway in Prince George's County. The outer loop after 4 50 Annapolis Road Watch for the debris still reported along the left side, According to callers, it may be something that resembles sheet rock in the two left lanes this week. It's safe way. Download the Safeway Mobile app and clipped the digital coupon for Prego pasta sauce for just 99 cents, plus by one package of Thomas's English muffins. Get one free with your club card. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And our forecast now from Chuck Bell. The Northwest Wind is back. And it is here to stay and all the averaging around 20 to 30 MPH all day today, But gusts over 40.

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