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A diamond gifted shane company he wrote about it on yelp i stopped into research diamond studs for my wife i found the staff willing and ready to answer all my questions i'm not much for jewelry and was very happy that i received expert guidance and no pressure from the sales team it was a wonderful experience shane company has the largest selection of diamond solitaire earrings from under a half carat total weight to over four carats our selection of modern diamond jewelry includes necklaces rings bracelets and other earrings that you won't find anywhere else that's because so much of our jewelry is designed by us we also hand matched the diamonds in each piece so that even the smallest stones sparkle with equal brilliance that's why you get more beautiful diamond jewelry for your money make it a statement with a gift of diamond jewelry that she'll treasure forever now you have a friend in the jewelry business shane company and shaneco dot com stuck in traffic we've got the answer good afternoon being brought to you by indeed dot com blue grass avenue taylor boulevard it's an accident fern valley at preston highway we have a crash and sixty five at saint catharine to disabled vehicle on the ramp sixty five south to saint catherine bandied used by over three million businesses for hiring or business owners and hr professionals can post job openings with screener questions and review and communicate with candidates monopoly dashboard learn more at indeed dot com slash higher i'm rick schremp nine seventy am the answer seventy am the answer forecast calling for partly cloudy windy day today it'll be even warmer high seventy eight tonight then clear still breezy mild low only sixty for tomorrow sunshine breezy warm look for a high of eighty showers and scattered storms on saturday high sixty eight forecast is service of byerly its collision center's five oh four north english station road in forty forty one dixie highway call four eight sixteen sixty one for the location nearest you.

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