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So that was wrong to annex t real quickly because he's boring songs that is boring but they actually have good matches. Rub good matches put. I wanna talk you complain too much because i say rose wrestling's bad I you know. I don't want to be the person that complaints when it's too hot but then when it's too matches the matches are good at annexed. Just say annexed. He's wrestling is superb though entertainment part of it boring We started the night. With carrying cross in scotland vs austin theory with johnny gargano so basically it was carrying crosswords as often theory. That's horrible Ken cross one by ko It's horrible explained because the ways boring. I wouldn't even care if i didn't see carrying cross on tv for a couple of weeks. It doesn't matter but he's the champion and you know is why being a match and you put them in a match with the go pull of brock nerf fucking but you have so many booby. Austin theory was the the the problem here. Maybe i should have just been carrying cautious. Someone else pop that you got from was when When fim bala came up from behind him or i love love that might have been done anywhere else but had been in the match for another stare for him goes. I don't wait in lines. I want my rematch cross responds and says i wanted just as bad as you. Do we matches coming soon. This is another way that carrying does not need. He doesn't have to be especially next thing you don't you don't have to be there every week. Yeah i i. I partially agree. He is the champion. So i'm happy to see them. Throwing him imagines matches is think austin it was a bad pick for the time being Leah rough destroys william regal's. I'm sorry the rough should not be the person that i should be taking series right now. Wrong guy wrong segment I think there should be released. I swear. I'm sorry. I seem young. He's he's proven he's solid man. Whatever he's not that bad in the ring but he's a shrimp these shrimp johnny gargano. What he's little different than johnny gargano back in size. I talked about in talent. Take a one size size. Yeah but i don't know the pudi kid. Whatever he looks fifteen. That's the problem with Let me hit. Msk vs brees ongo to faces facing each other. Sure whatever msk. I think they got the tiles way too soon. And i think rose long. Richard been the champions us at every week. And i'll say it again them getting the bud so early i think really fucked them over. I got nothing out of this match. What you thought same here. I'ma msk one by the way method after the match they shook hands. Nothing's wrong with faces facing each other until beyond what you sometimes. I'm not mad with heels facing each other if they had the same agenda or to be number one contender. I don't see why there's a problem. I'm just saying like go really should go to the main roster they need he's up there for fucking build up piano. I'm i'm i'm on the line to where it's like. I don't know the match was fine to me but it's for why i don't see anything that benefit anybody in that much yeah. It didn't miss k. Got a quick tuneup match. That's basically what it was We find out that killing gingras alexander wolf is happening because we've had the stomach flu okay. pedone gessler ring. Cut a promo and cross choosing Choosing is to why cross chose ballor which has doesn't blame him because he's the tuft tougher challenger he says he's the toughest man annex t again and gives anyone the bike to challenge him. How many times have i heard. Pedone say this And then we all love comes out of nowhere. Despite william regal's request and we have pedone as the on rough piton piton winds by tko red to matches. This is night ended by ko. Yeah days you know. This is wanted to problem that. There's other ways that you can book the match wasn't babb between the two but like you said why. Finish it on k. On both side doesn't make any sense. Yeah you could've you could've made him tap. leo leo. bill tapped. Well how about this. How how care about what you focus on his injury that it's the reason why he's not clear tap and it would wouldn't have heard him. This isn't ufc two knockouts in the same right Then we get raquel. Gonzalez's versus mercedes. Martinez went next women's championship. Now not better better or ads. I like both of these women. Seeing kelvin's alvis needs to be a heels too much of a guerrilla though. But not stow though and you gotta you gotta you gotta fucking decide what you're gonna do. They then once it turns is going to be turns. Way dakota kyw turns on its own for long like no. That's not how it was supposed to work you. Did it wrong. No i agree. If he wanted above the store you could have gave him a coveted batista treatment. Where dakota kyw this shop for a little bit. And she's her lackey and then finds out she's being used entire time right. You know there was a way to do this Better but hey. I don't run the run the sheets in the back. I just report what happened After that match which like you. It was good. We're sees teens. With great match. And i and i and i love the fact. That mercedes still looks good. Still solid yet. After that we had isaiah swerve scott and his crew arrived for their promo. they're cold. What top dollar roll the call hit row row. First we meet aka aka hit row aka cashflow see but kimbro it would be perfect in a stable Yeah but after like i said after the The the pro who were giving not and also that like the the the backstay shit and people who tell me off to mike about this shit is that swerve has been biting off a fucking bro for a long time. Well crazy swear swear was the winner. Here sorry grow raise. You know it is what it is So we all come out to cut a promo first we meet. Aj francis who's now known as top dollar. He wraps describes himself. Then we meet. The women of the group called be fab. She writes about herself. Swear then confirms there now to be known as hit row What about Abadani-ha abba was that.

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