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So but I still like that, you have all that like you have like an evil stepfather this time right inversions that good shit a lot of the components are there a lot of the conventions are there but it? It's verts a lot of. That stuff you know by being critical of fascism and you know. So you know it's just the characters I mean between again affiliate and Mercedes. Especially it's two female characters with a ton of agency who are driving the narrative but you then you have the whole and again I don't know if it's just how my brain works where I am not good at picking up on symbolism and I am not good at picking up on visual metaphors like I just didn't even occur to me all of the like. And I know it's right there. But just like all of the FA Jonah and the the blood didn't like what that might mean and what is the obsession with so many male tours. Telling stories about girls going into what could be interpreted as a vagina hole and? And then having an adventure there and like what are the implications of all of that don't know how to make sense of that I'm reminded of. In Film School Brag where I would take like film studies class that had these interpretations that I'm just like, what are you talking about? That's not there I don't see that at all and then I'm like well, maybe it is there I don't know I don't know again I just don't know how to read things that are not extremely explicit I. Guess. So any hue roasting yourself. Oh But All everything that I it seems like I understood came from reading guarumos words. Yeah, and also realizing he just has a certain language where some of those things are kind of repeated throughout all of his movies. Yeah Yeah Yeah I guess like knowing your knowing his entire catalogue definitely helps sure. Yeah. Yeah. He loves he. Loves. Asymmetrical circle thing. Yeah, the Moana Spiral it's. which is also probably symbolism that it refers to something that I don't know about that one I'm not smart enough down now. So with all of that in mind I don't know what to rate this. I really loved this movie on a like just purely like I love watching this movie I'd give it a million nipples on nipple scale. I know I guess it would be like A. Three, point, seven, five or four. Th. It's still rates really highly based on the characters and what they do and the various kind of thematic things. I don't know what is everyone else GonNa do. I'M GONNA K- lead. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA. Do Three three, point seven, five, I think between data. Yeah. Because I mean, there is so much being done here in the fantasy genre. Get to see very much you get also like I feel like we hit on it here and there but like the commentary being made on class here even though I didn't realize what areas style you brought up it's kind of at the expense of historical accuracy but I really like the commentary being made on class here and the. Trauma. That can come with trying to get out of the class that you were born in in order to survive and the sacrifices that come with that like I, feel like del Toro's really good at having those conversations a lot of the time and has. A way of I mean just based on the stuff of his I've seen seems to be like a champion of the working person. I'm very critical of the upper class which. A lot of movies aren't where it's like this is a movie about Princess, and it is about how the monarchy people that are in charge of we don't care. So, in addition to three female protagonists that all are very different and have very different faith, it makes me sad that. The Female Heroes Journey results in most likely her death, but it makes sense in the story and I feel like that ties in to other commentary that he's making. So it worked for me it makes sense. Yeah I did the Vagina Metaphor I mean. Is. I think I got more. It doesn't really bother me. It bothered me more when I found out that he's like, no, it isn't. I'm like come on. The. So maybe that was just being a little like. But it. She walking into Jain a Guillermo, and that's okay. But just like don't be like it comes off a little fawn like no no. Question it. Right. So so that I mean, it also is like kind of any and he's interestingly he like is very clearly inspired by another narrative that uses this exact convention of tossing a girl in a whole to learn a lesson he is openly admitted to that but maybe. Doesn't I. Don't know. I thought that that was interesting I'M GONNA go three point seven five because that's just what I'm doing today I love this movie so much. It will always be my first altero my fave del Toro. And Doug Jones forever. That is what I had to say three point seven five and I'll give one to each of the main three characters I'll give my last point seven five to the ferry together ahead bit. I was also thinking three and a half, but I do. I want to give it for doing because I think under critical Lens, there's lots of faults and lots of things that could be improved upon or made clearer but I think overall net good. It's a movie about two women more than three but two women being rebellious in the face of extreme oppression and I think that is it. You know it's not a children's movie, but it can at least be hopeful in a good lesson taught. Yeah. So net good I sure and that good yeah I would say four. Though that also feels like a bit much, right? That's okay. I think I'll settle on a three point seven five because I think there's still room to maybe give Mercedes a little bit more characterization. I think there's room to have given the mother a little bit more characterization and more fully explained kind of like why she made some of the choices she's made and yeah, it's it just could have gone a little bit further. I think with some of the characterization so I'll end on a three point, seven, five and. All of Mine Almighty booze. How many nipples does it Doug Jones funhouse? Oh. It must have four. Will if a fawn is apart goat, right? Now I believe you off the top of your head I think they're they have like a four other situation much like a cow. So that's my guess. I don't know I really hate that this has become a part of my personality that I just. Don't I WANNA. Know. What this ends today this never never talk. Yeah no more cat FACS I'm moving onto something else what I don't know but anyway say towed fax. Van. My nipples to the toad Oh. Yes feminist. ICON. Queer. ICON. towed. Watching the to- deflate never doesn't make me laugh. Toge is like I'm a balloon. I'll give my three point, seven, five nipples. You know what I'll give them to the pale all of them to the Pale man. Yeah. We never what was the Pam man's real story is your he has zeros of him torturing children hanging up in his. Little Cave but like who painted them? Did he commission someone. He's got a whole Sh- mortgage board of food that he that you're not allowed to eat. What is that? Is that class commentary that only the rich are allowed to eat the luxury food a shoutout to the production designer of this movie for for so many reasons right. But mostly because of my does grapes did look good. So tasty usually when someone eats the forbidden freedom like that doesn't even like like you must be so hungry but the graves through like those grapes are gigantic..

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