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We do you know the Cisco Rozov community is entered a you know an interesting state because of the consolidation continues not only enact community but communities such as Microsoft acquiring medicine edge, and what that's driving as these carrier providers are doing a hybrid approach they enter that that hybrid approach they are. Dealing with multiple systems, generating several log files, and that becomes yet another challenge. So Dash Base is you know able to bridge all those logs across all those systems together painting at. Single Pane of glass to help root cause analysis be determined very fairly quickly with the the solution. It also sounds like there might be a telehealth story here too. Yeah, you know the market is trending in that direction obviously with the the Cova da pandemic and. Telehealth is a big initiative that's ongoing as well as other remote collaboration technologies. Are you using leveraging web RTC technologies and that's one of the areas of focus for the organization as we enter this next chapter of a remote collision technologies? Alex I. Did I did I. Miss Anything there on that. Yeah I think he I think he hit a spot on. I mean the one thing that reminds me of is the all of the interests were getting around Web RTC because gas is focused on building tools specifically for cloud communications. Our customers have very allies, desires, the needs and what we're seeing from. Them is strong desire for tools around troubleshooting of Web. RTC As an emerging technology is driving a lot of products that are coming out. So that's really where the market's going and that's based has a strong roadmap there that we were working hand in hand with our customers on, he tried to have the best tools in the industry that can that can troubles who monitor root cause analysis web RTC calls at tremendous scale. So Jordan is we start to the final portion of the year what's ahead for Dash Base Yeah. So as I mentioned, we have something coming up we're out to be at least on one. Again, that's September sixteenth and seventeenth. So depending on where the podcast gets released, it's coming up in the next couple of weeks We're also in the process of planning a Webinar, which will be a collaborative effort between Dash Space. One of the customers that we just mentioned in that will include in one of the head of operations or support over there to discuss what was life like before space base. What did ask basically do for them was life look like now I'll see you get kind of real customer reviews case story, and then other than that like I mentioned with CCA were the news. Member and we're working actively with the team over there to provide a unique partnership discount through the year. So folks who are members of the CCA that are interested in learning more about dash based essentially using it internally we're providing especially this out for those folks. So there's a lot of opportunities get in touch with us. You can always learn a little bit more about our website at Dash Base, which is the S. H., B. A. S. E. Dot O. There's an about section there a product section there there's an area to contact US likely get a note from me so free to address me directly. Well it's been a pleasure meeting up with Jordan today Alex Myron. Thank you for joining us. An interesting learning about dash base learning about some of the interesting products and. Solutions, you're bringing to the clock community communications lines I know doing podcast soon as we move forward is maybe right after the summit but for now, gentlemen thank you very much. They give. Thank you sir..

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