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The marvel universe one litter off play by walton goggin dogan's is done no favors with this script why would you have walden goggin 's on your in on your project and not give him something interesting to do it's so frustrating so kindly was frustrating because that guy so good he is good and he he's been really wasted in both tomb raider and now this this year i mean it just is it's too bad any they have to get a magical piece of technology from sunny birch and that magical piece of technology stolen by ghosts too is a quantum infused phasing she's she used to be tried but out of yes right pride with pain and she's in pain and she wants to sh new anyway i it's fine it's fi it's totally entered i was totally entertained in the moment i laughed couple times it's very funny i love paul rudd who is this kind of ageless wonder and they there are some interesting little things in there with the actual physics of fighting with the shrinking in the expanding i actually kind of enjoyed all it is it is less generic than your average marvel movie in that in that sense i thought it was pretty well done kids love but i honestly i like i the only thing i can really remember from the movie is the mid credits scene where you know to have you did you watch them editing oh you mean the stinger the stinger which i knew that was not not the one at the end of the ant now no the i knew i remember i mentioned this yeah wild but that's basically all i can only remember okay what about the aunts they controlled all these am this this is from the first movie that they explained i don't really remember getting from lying just smush the aunts they seem to be they were everywhere and they were like you know i mean what did you can't you just step on the aunts they're frying ants and some of the aunts like affecting the computer and disrupting the network speaking about disrupting networks jv l at the nice transition with all the recent.

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