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And senator ron johnson and bob corker of tennessee their votes will be critical to passing the bill republicans have a narrow majority in the senate and senator john mccain has announced that he will miss the vote as he recuperates from the side effects of cancer treatment kelsea smell npr news the capital national security adviser h r mcmaster is accusing russia of trying to undermine confidence and free and open societies in an interview with the bbc mcmaster said moscow is engaging in a new generation of warfare and what the united states must do about it we have to counter russia's to stabilising behavior and and and the sophisticated campaigns of propaganda and disinformation efforts to to polarize communities and and pit them against each other especially in the in the democratic world and in a free and open societies they use that openness and freedom against countries linked to weaken their popular will and and the resolve general h r mcmaster speaking with the bbc on asian stock market shares are mixed to lower in tokyo following new record highs on wall street the dow jones industrials jumped one hundred forty points the nasdaq composite index added fifty eight in the sp 500 rose fourteen this is npr news a federal judge says the trump administration cannot prevent immigrant teenagers from seeking abortions but stayed the decision pending appeal the ruling was made on behalf of two on accompanied seventeen arose being housed in a federal shelter a similar ruling was issued on behalf of another teen in october thirteen states are suing massachusetts over a voterapproved ban on the sale of eggs and other food products from farm animals held an overly restrictive cages more than a dozen states have brought a similar case against california opponents of the laws say an overly restrictive cage can prevent and egglaying hens breeding pig or calf raise for veal from standing up turning around or fully extending its limbs of remote and mountainous patch of central idaho as been designated the nation's first international dark sky reserved it joins a shortlist locations as boise public radio's met gillam reports a reserve is the most stringent classification the international dark sky association has.

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