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Star radio for Europe, promote knowledge of Poznan. They tried to claim that. Encourage. Hungary's for example. He copied example of post nine oh two. To take his from it. So I think it has reverberations beyond beyond Poland. I think that some. It's put on his health is a good example of how a local local local political issue couldn't be combined with and given. Given a huge boost by something happens externally. So you a build up of real frustrations with local corruption. Incompetence ticketing competences communists, who are in charge of the factories, which produce health on its industrial might. The secret speech, it gives us an opportunity to to channel those frustrations. And to take advantage of the attacks on selling to push for reforms, and they also take it on the intangible international trade is taking place in Poznan at the time. And so there are lots of people from all around the world. Academics businessmen who in Poznan to see the showcase of opponent industry. So that they have the local. Dicamba geopolitical, and they have the the the audience the first secretary, the boss of Poland is named Edward odd. And he sends in jets and tanks right away violence, but the disappointment Whitehall the word, I have here from you Simon is it's distressed Washington says it's profoundly shocked did they just stand back and watch this. Did they did they not see what was going on in Moscow and in London and Washington they seem naive. I mean direction in America, initially one of excitement. So when when when when dollars of stella's his his news with the uprising in Poznan, he gets this. The beginning of the end for communist, communist Poland. I think that the the challenge facing all of these western policymakers in in fifty six can you actually do? When people want us up in in Poznan, Budapest. What can you actually do that doesn't risk World War? I question, you know, very much can you can put on diplomatic pressure. You can appeal to a sense of moral outrage you can make a propaganda candidate. But what you call on a global war, his his intervene militarily. Guess exposed throughout ready hidden Poznan. And then and then we'll see later on in total and more generally and clean hungry. Yes. Let's go to Hungary because McClellan representing the Moscow presidium flies in to consult with Rocco. She the party boss of Hungary, and they oppose it seems very literary of them. They oppose a debating club called the Towfighi circle. What are they up to? I mean is this sort of communist party intrigue here backstabbing, it's as if they don't think that anything bad's going to have them to happen to them or and in suppressing a debating club. Yeah. I mean, I think that the the question hungry is essentially between reform communists who are hit with this debating society. The opposition within the communist party to the hardliners. So lots of it is about factional disputes within the communist within a communist party. And rocky and his and his on his chin. Auditor amends dots. Any concession will only lead to further concessions and will lead to them losing losing power. So this debate is is is a debate within the communist party by launching is e and then they go to Garo Erno Garo a Stalinist rather than going to Emory Nargis. So so the communists still believe that they're they can reform. The original message. They do not see the system itself as a tire is that it. Big difference between nineteen fifty six one thousand nine hundred nine nineteen eighteen on. I think is particularly for most people, but the communist party is sort of finish the project itself is is so no longer be rescued, but in nineteen fifty-six people who still believe they still have the idealism, right? They still believe that if things were done a bit differently by different people that this project this project, the socialist project can succeed. So they prepared to try to get it. One of the great wall tips in Hungary's if they'd appointed in my knowledge, the former prime minister. In the summer. Wait until the autumn. What a the situation what attend are very very differently in Hungary Papa but by replacing rocker, she with Garo who's he's almost as popular as they just. In some ways, they made the situation worse. It was a blunder. I think by the Soviets to not to not to make a more decisive change in the in the leader hungry quickly. You flag the play look back in anger by John Osborne. And also Allen Ginsberg's howl at this point in nineteen fifty-six. And you mentioned that there are words for this subculture this youth subculture the United Kingdom calls them. Teddy boys. There's also Rockin roller the rockers in the in the United States is that part of a revolt or is that the people coming of age who never were in the second war. They probably weren't even the Korean war. I I'm I'm not certain if this is part of the upset that we're going to see in Budapest did the London. Teddy boys. Connect to the Hungarian revolutionaries. Good question. I think it's probably quite hard to draw a simple connection between these groups. I think that there is a more general sense of cultural rebellion in nineteen fifty-six manifest itself in different ways. Tends to take on Toronto for Italian, Hugh or or all sorts of color. Interestingly in in in Hungary, youth rebellion movement characterized by teenagers wearing drainpipe trousers thick thick sold trainers training shoes. I'm playing jazz records jazz John's reckless abandon in Hungary, nineteen fifty-six today. There's a very clear political to the to the cultural revolt. The two the teddy boys in Britain. I think it's harder to to to see them as. Critical in such a way that I mean. Clearly offensive who wants a more personal freedoms of kind of. Over the establishment. But there's less of a clear set who sort of political motivations if you like to Egypt to the Aswan dam to the Suez canal to Nassar and the British empire again trembling at the challenge from its imperial losses and Cairo was one of those losses in nineteen fifty-six because there was an election and the new president the first time an era, Egyptian Arabic middle leader of Egypt in I think several centuries was a man named Nasir. So when we come back Nassar versus Eden and vice versa. Simon hall nineteen fifty-six revolt. I'm John bachelor. Balance of nature provides real nutrition of over. Thirty per day. Balance of nature's fruits and veggies help boost the immune system over seven hundred twenty percent. Balance of nature is one hundred percent.

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