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You're listening to shortwave from NPR. Mattie Safai here today the second of our two part adventure are to the middle of the Arctic Ocean where scientists are freezing ship into the ice for a year to study how the region is changing on Friday. We talked about how the expedition Asian track down their hard to find piece of ice. And today we'll be talking about what happened once they found it. Reporter rededicate is our guide. Hey Ravenna Hey Mattie and would you just remind us. The mouthful name of this thing is sure. It's called the multidisciplinary drifting observatory for the study of Arctic climate. I met or mosaic. I guess Those AIC did not have the same ring I guess not. So you're back on land in Seattle now but you joined this expedition for five weeks as it left a port in Norway pro there's that whole and it sailed up north that's right and on board scientists from all kinds of fields of study all joining forces to undertake the most comprehensive look at Arctic Sea ice in twenty years. That's what it sounded like. His are plowed through the sea. Ice As we look for an ice floe that was thick enough to call home base ace for an entire year. That is of course is slowly shrinking as the Arctic. It's warmer and the primary question. Mosaic is trying to answer is what are the causes of that diminishing Arctic ice and what are the consequences so today a look at the physics chemistry and biology on the mosaic expedition.

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