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Hogg who was a student during that shooting was there in support on the fourth anniversary I think all Democrats and Republicans agree that we want to end gun violence but we can't actually work towards a solution not just about addressing how somebody gets a gun or why they feel they need to pick up a gun in the first place He knows Mail delivery has been plagued by constant delays during the pandemic and a congressional panel says the postal service needs to step up improvements WTO's Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill Virginia congressman Jerry Connelly says at one point during the pandemic on time deliveries got much worse and unreliable On time delivery rates for first class mail plummeted from 84% to 61% And the rate in Baltimore where Connolly's subcommittee has been holding a field hearing remains the worst in the country This area was and remains Among the hardest hit by substandard delivery area lawmakers say they'll continue to keep pressure on postmaster general Louis DeJoy to address problems which can leave people waiting for necessary medicine and paying late fees for bills that were put in the mail weeks ahead of deadlines On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO 5 22 He was known for directing comedies like ghostbusters Hollywood legend Ivan reitman has died at the age of 75 Here's WTO's Jason fraley Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor Born in Czechoslovakia in 1946 Ivan reitman moved to Toronto before striking it big in Hollywood producing the 1978 frat comedy animal House He directed Bill Murray's first starring role in the 1979 summer camp comedy meatballs He reunited with Murray for the 1981 war comedy stripes An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe And they teamed once more for their biggest hit ghostbusters which I asked right men about at the 2016 Mark Twain prize And I remember just yelling.

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