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So many times in the lead them faithfully. And he was a man of great faith. So now in the last few minutes, and this has been very educational as gene, and I were reading the book and looking through the material there, there's some great nuggets in here. We don't understand you don't appreciate the history of. Talk about the declaration of thanksgiving. What it has become in the modern world who started it what what's the history of the actual thanksgiving celebration? So we had that harvest festival that we talked about. Now the following year. We have the they tried to plant crops again in the crops almost fail because of drought. And so about the point where they said, you know, if we get any more drought, we are probably going to going to start the crops going to fail. They held a day of thanksgiving. So they brought everyone in the colony together. This was a religious expression. So they brought everyone the colony together for a day of prayer and petition to God for their survival. And as they're having this pray for rain praying for rain, and they're having this day of thanksgiving and evening sets in his clouds come in, and it starts raining, and it's a rain that saves the crops, and they have perfect weather. This is mid July perfect weather for the rest of the season. And so this is where we get the idea of thanks. Giving. Now, what happens is the harvest festival about food and eating food gets combined with the day of thanksgiving over time and about two hundred years later, Sarah Josefa HALE who wrote Mary had a little lamb. She was the one who wrote that poem at song. And she wrote a book about where she talked about this event thanksgiving that that had happened in the colonies, and she lived around the time of the civil skit she did this is about the time the civil war, and she this is a fictionalized event in her book. But it becomes this this greater idea. And so Sarah Josefa health starts partitioning states to make it holiday, and she eventually gets the ear of ABRAHAM LINCOLN who says civil wars just ended. We need a holiday that is unifying that brings people together and focuses us on God and being thankful for this nation, and he loves the site of thanksgiving. And so we get the food. We get the, thanks. The the prayers to God. And they all sort of coalesce. And ABRAHAM LINCOLN creates this national holiday in November. And so it's kind of an interesting story about how you know, all these things came together and thanksgiving gets created some two hundred years later after the pill, and I like the fact I mean if you look at the inflection points of our nation. I it's a good thing. And president Lincoln was trying to save the union way back then they're simply trying to survive. So the union can actually be saved later. Right. So these are two big inflection points. So the idea of combining these things creating a day of thanks giving so pro preate now the other part of this Jays were ending and right at the end here the pilgrims. They went through an economic upturn..

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