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Two hundred million dollars a month in businesses throughout our country so i found a kind of odd that we didn't have they a unity of elfrid taxi shut down i found it odd that we didn't have leadership in the administration that what would it would actually in force and hold people accountable to bring the agency's together to ensure that we can protect the american public it was very strange ball eric holder was very supportive of the special operations division i was very fortunate to be in charge it after almost ten years the former dea official almost every operation he actually approved and was supportive while in this particular case we briefed i recall the it was very alarmed by the findings of this particular investigation and the magnitude of money and drugs that will moving around the world so eric holder was pretty serious about having follow what meetings with national security team members and then the briefing never happen it was very strange for me sitting there listening to the attorney general united states directing his people to have a meeting to get more information from the dda and our interagency partners about this global trade base money laundering scheme and they weren't interested in never happen i can't explain it i don't have any information on what was going on behind the scenes on the iran new deal honestly from my perspective if you have this magnitude of money and drugs moving through our country and the banks in our country that should have been solved in that our government enforced full accountability on all the agencies to work together and shut it down but it didn't happen we had some significant significant successes we are tremendous old response from the us attorney's office in southern district of new york we did a four hundred eighty million dollars civil seizure on.

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