John Artis, Raven, Bob Dylan discussed on BBC World Service


Paterson New Jersey famous box of Rubin hurricane Carter and John artis were convicted of committing them it is free and then re convicted in nineteen seventy six thanks largely to an eye witness named Alfred ballot he changed his version of events multiple times the prosecution also presented a compelling might save racial revenge they said that Rubin and John had been seeking retribution after the killing of a black bar right now by a white man earlier that same night in G. in nineteen ninety one John artis was paroled but raven stayed behind bars by nineteen eighty five calls it was down to his last remaining legal recourse today we meet the judge who help the rest of ribbon because his life in his hands truthfully I have no recollection of hearing his name until the suit came to me my children immediately said to me that I have to listen to the re recording by a Bob Dylan mean absence listen to it and he was convinced that Ruben was it was then sent so that is not something normally a judge would take into consideration a popular song in deciding a writ of habeas corpus so what these habeas corpus well.

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