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You traveling at this point on the dullest hole road eastbound clear as you leave route 28 Headed toward the beltway with all traveling to open I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Storm team forge miss Michelle Grossman we have another bitterly cold morning this morning We do it is so cold We're looking at temperatures in the teens So you definitely need to dress warmly as you head out today not dealing with a wind chill today We had such windy conditions yesterday We're not going to have the wind today but it's going to stay cold throughout this Sunday Lots of sunshine though we're going to see temperatures 40 to 45 That's well below normal for this time of year Then tonight mostly clear skies not as cold temperatures dropping into the low 30s mid 30s and some other spots Monday a really beautiful day president's day sunny and mild highs in the upper 50s so low 60s will have a light wind too So a really really nice Monday Tuesday we start an unsettled pattern So an area of low pressure is going to bring us some showers and clouds also breezy and mild We can see when it's gusting to 25 mph Highs in the upper 50s to low 60s Wednesday starting out with some showers and then it's sort of a mostly cloudy day still a little bit unsettled and mild highs upper 60s 64 to 68 So well above normal for this time of year Right now though it is cold in D.C. 23 18 in Hagerstown and just 18 in Leesburg Brought to you by long fans 20% off savings on fences decks and pavers go to long fence dot com and schedule your free estimate today 6 ten a house fire in Dickerson has displaced two people Montgomery county fire and rescue officials say they got a call from a neighbor yesterday afternoon who saw smoke coming out of the home on beallsville road.

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