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Yes, if it rains get a rain top, right and just kind of stand in the window. But I'm telling you guys, this will end here in the next day or two again, too. Sure about that, Yes. Come on their longest losing streak of the last 20 years has 12 games. Of course. I mean, teams don't lose. I lived through 14. I know, but even that, Okay, We're getting a 14. You're not going to loot They're not going to lose 15 16 in a row. Of course. That's the logical perspective, Carmen, But the hope is that we can convince cap to do this and then they've got a tough slate of pitching matchups against the Phillies. So if the Phillies could continue the streak and sure enough for whatever reason the Cardinals sweep them. You got the all Star break. That's not that's not the possibility until all right a week. I didn't think I didn't think about that. That's the hope but out of the All Star break, they play the Diamondbacks like six times. So I mean going to at some point, That's a good point. I mean, if they lose through the weekend come Monday. It'll be all right. He's He's stuck because they don't play again till Friday. Correct. That's a good point. All right. I am telling you guys, it's going to end tonight or tomorrow. The losing streak will end tonight or tomorrow. It will it just It's baseball. Like like Chris said. He goes. I don't know It's baseball. It's weird. And you're going to be on the There'll be a heavy underdog in one of these games, and they'll still find a way to Papa 65 win. It's 27 Yankees greatest team of all time. Their longest winning streak was nine. Exactly. They didn't have a 10 game winning streak. That's what I mean. Baseball is weird. Crazy. All there is to I'm going to get out of your rights. Yeah, but he's back tomorrow. Make sure you tune in ESPN 1100.3 HD two in the ESPN Chicago app Carmen York are next. See you tomorrow. You're listening to Carmen in your co on ESPN 2000 Chicago's home for Sports Chicago White sauce this wall a drive out in the deep right Saturday that baby will go. Len KASPER and Darren Jackson bring you all the action. Dylan cease feeling good after striking out Donaldson with Conner McKnight here for pre and post game, Never a doubt Socks in twins Tonight at 6 30. This is the new home for the Chicago White Sox. You know what the fans want? ESPN 1000 and the ESPN Chicago app. Hey there, friend. Oh, Did you have a good fourth? I hope you did. Well, guess what They is July six friend. Oh, yeah, friend. Oh, you know, talking to all the friends, no country for old men. Thank you. A new card would get that. Anyway, friend does out there Today is July 6th. So what You got to look forward to now Be honest. It's your fantasy football draft, isn't it?.

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