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What was he saying that you guys in advance of a game that the guys kind of had to have? Honestly, you only said was just on someone you can control. We may have let these last three games go away. But the only way to get over those games and all the way they get bored is go through New England and focus on this game. Do you guys? You know, we fans like talk about the patriots just have the Steelers number. You know, that's just the way. It is. Do you guys consider that in advance of the game? How do we change things to make to change the result? Because it does keep it does feel like twelve keeps getting the better of us. Well, honestly, I don't I don't really worry about the past. You know, teams are totally different year to year. They might have had Tom Brady all those ear, but there are different team different team. We just try to focus on one game at a time. And understand this game is the most important. Do you guys? I thought what was a bold strategy that I didn't agree with and the moment, I thought wait the Steelers have the choice, and they've decided to receive did you think what are you doing coach T, man? No, no, no gave it a low put him out there. So we get the ball to start the second half. Well, you know, I think the mindset was let's start early. Let's get a lead and see if they can catch us we scored early and then they score right away. It was really quick as defense. We didn't feel comfortable I like that. But we just kept by in in the second half was get off the field quick and get the ball back to our offense. What does it feel that? It was it more meaningful to you guys. Or is it more a fan base thing did you in the locker room afterwards? So we finally we've eilly knocked off the patriots. Or was it just a win that you guys had to have? It was a when we had to have. But it was a against a good team. We had three games where we didn't win. But we'd be the really good team on a primetime game. And we gotta done is there a sense that you guys need to go down to New Orleans and keep on rolling or does that by you give you the luxury of having to split your last couple of games or you guys going to gather around and watch the chargers and ravens game on Saturday night. The see what you need to do on Sunday. I think our mindset has to be is we don't have to look around if we take care of our business, and we just roll these last two it doesn't matter. But that means taking care of your first game. New Orleans is a heck of a team. And we're going to have to go there and player best ball. And then we'll take care of that after. But but all we can bug is on is this one game. We saw for three quarters of the season. It seemed like it was all offense defense wasn't just optional. It was almost non-existent across the NFL landscape. Now, all of a sudden here come the defense is can and will a defense dominant team win the Super Bowl this year. Do you suspect that the way things are are sort of moving in two thousand eighteen that it's going to be one of those powerhouse offenses in that includes the Pittsburgh Steelers when they're going on all cylinders. I was just thinking comes down to who's playing the best defense. You might be the best defense in the regular season. But the playoffs are different animal. It's gonna be a heck of a battle for a lot of different teams. And I think in the Super Bowl just comes down to who executes better. I don't think it's offense or defense. But who makes the less mistakes who's able to execute a high level? Do you? I I again watching from where I watched it. I wasn't actually bumping into other large human beings over the course of sixty minutes..

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